Monday, May 2, 2011

New On-Line Class

Last week, I read in Linda's blog that she had begun an online class. Always curious, I checked it out.
The next thing I knew, my fingers were flying over the keyboard to sign up as well.
This will link you over to her blog and shop and list of classes. Christy is fun, funny, full of spunk and has creativity galore to share!
I signed up for the She Art workshop, and as soon as I listened and watched the first week of videos, I went to work.

The  concept of layering is difficult for me. Christy has no fear in layering and it's very freeing to watch her work.
Stamps, paper, paint, molding paste, newsprint, sewing patterns, rub-ons, you name it, she puts in on the canvas.

I'm one that has never been much into dolls, so the concept of cutting out a "doll" figure had my feathers up from the start. I decided I'd just cut out my own image and go from there.

After giving it some thought, I decided to go the whole distance with the class to see what would happen.

I kinda liked it!

Have a happy Monday~


  1. Lynn, your page is AWEsome! Looks like you're having a ton of fun exploring, and that's what art's all about! It's nice to end my blogging break with a visit to see what you've been up to, and I'm not disappointed! Hugs, Terri xoxox

  2. That is amazing Lynn! You are so beyond talented and it looks like something you would see in a gallery and also something that makes someone completely lacking in artistic skills like myself totally jealous! :-) Good for you for starting something new and seeing where it takes you!

  3. Oh Lynn! This piece is just precious!! I LOVE it! You are truly an artist gal! You need to be selling your work! REALLY!!

    I am so enjoying my piece of your art! I will be featuring it and some other delights from bloggy friends in my next post!

    And I caught up on Venice...sublime...and the gondolas and the walkway photo is now my desktop background!!!

    Sorry I missed your giveaway! Meh.
    I love those cards, though! Can't wait to see them on your website or in your Etsy shop!! Yes...I know you will begin to sell...soon!

    Thanks for all the time in putting your posts together! It's great to catch up!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Oh, gosh, lynn,
    I just LOVE it! I have seen some cute things from her class but this tops them all. I hope she will offer it again! I think I will hop on over there, too!

  5. Amazing... I am speechless.. I just love how you made this your own.. I had a lot of trouble with that.. Isn't her class great.. I just love watching her video's.. Very freeing like you said.. I am just putting the finishing touches on my second canvas.. Your canvas looks amazing.. I love it...

    Hugs, Linda

  6. lynn this is great! i've been following christy's blog for a while, she is wonderful! don't you love how she just slaps stuff around and really uses all her supplies! no being cautious with those rub ons!! your girl is endearing with those pink boots!

  7. kinda like it...do ya think?! Waaay cool. Nice job. And yes, it's time to start thinking of all of the beach booths and getting stuff ready to sell, 'cause you got the gift, girl! Make some more of those!

  8. Oooo!

    I kinda like it too!!!

    I'm with you on the dolls thing...I would be in trouble there, too.

    But ya done swell!

    Love the booties, love the color.

    Show me more!!!!!!!

  9. Oh, This came out so cute. I've never done anything like this but I always find it so fascinating. All the layers is so pretty. Love the colors.

  10. See now, I have always been into dolls. Therefore, you had me at Hello with this one.

    I love the look of it.

  11. Wow...your page is fabulous!!! Love it:)