Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For This Moment...(2)

"She sells seashells down by the seashore."

The moment for the day:
I have a thing for seashells. I have been known to drop down in an area that has a lot of seashells and become fairly concentrated in my searching. I will carry them home in anything I can find. An old cup, a pocket, a t-shirt, the beach bag. Each one is a treasure to me.
That's why I stopped dead in my tracks on my walk today when I saw this:

Girls after my own heart!!!
With precision and care, they were lining up each found treasure. The seashells had been rinsed, lined up to dry and...
ready for sale.

One penny each.
Oh, you might say I was severely tempted. You could even say I was willing to drag my family back to the house for some dollar bills....ummm, I mean change. Sadly, I did not do this.  Can you imagine how exciting it would have been for them to sell the shells? Can you imagine how cool these would look in a glass jar?  (I need another glass jar full of shells like a hole in my head. But I have heard holes are in fashion this summer....)
I wonder if they will be back at it tomorrow?



  1. Lovely, Lynn.
    I totally get it. I love shells, too. So much that I buy them at rummage and estate sales. I never do anything with them...just look at them.
    Those girls are precious.
    As are you!
    Big hugs,

  2. Awww! Those little girls are just adorable! Sounds like they are very enterprising, too! I am always searching for shells, too! I could spend hours and hours combing the beach for treasures. It's better than therapy:)

  3. Aren't they cute? I think my favorite part about sea shells is the morning walk to collect them. My mom and I used to do it together whenever we spent time at the beach.

    Now, I'm kind of sad.
    Haven't done it in years.

  4. What a fun story.. They are so cute.. I have that same problem.. Jars all over filled with Sea Shells.. What a wonderful problem to have..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. How sweet! I love shells too. They have sort of taken over my house a bit!