Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!
This week, I'm beginning an online course with Kelly Rae Roberts, entitled, "Flying Lessons."
I'm so excited to begin this, that I am getting up EARLY to read through the day's lessons before anyone wakes up in my house.
No small feat for me, especially in the summer. I hate getting up early. So, for two days, at least, it's happening!

Since I'm saying HAPPY MONDAY, 
I thought I would share some photos I took from my sister's house.
This is a place that makes me especially happy!

The garden is aMAZing to walk through...

so peaceful, lots of gentle colors.

A good place to reflect and dream.

Dinners out on the gazebo, a soft breeze, a stroll. 
Nothing quite like it.

Love it.
Hope you find something that makes you happy today!


  1. Beautiful Lynn! That truly does look peaceful and I already had 2 precious little faces greet me this morning with giant smiles so my day has already started on a happy note! :-)

  2. good morning Lynn
    Have fun with your class, it really must be something you love to get up and out of bed so early, lol
    Off to go walking with brooklyn
    Happy Monday :)

  3. Your sister's garden looks beautiful. I could use a tranquil spot to enjoy today.

  4. Your photos from your sister's garden look lovely, Lynn! I always love statuary pieces! Hope you have fun with your class!

  5. Lynn.
    What pretty pictures, Your sister has a great, eye, just like you. I am up in the night...not awaiting a fun class like you but awaiting a root canal tomorrow afternoon...UGH! I am just glad this didn't happen on our trip to Montreal next week! I did complete some backgrounds for my class with Pam Carriker. I found them to be harder than she makes them look!
    I am glad I am "dabbling," though.

    Big hugs,

  6. Beautiful pics, Lynn. Kelly Rae is very inspiring. I hope you enjoy your class.

  7. Such lovely photo. That sounds like a great class you will have to let me know how it goes..

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Lovely photos ~ thanks for sharing ~

    namaste, Carol visiting from Come Share with a Camera ( my blog is Share the Creative Journey) and A Creative Harbor ~ come visit ~ thanks

  9. I love the "feel" of your blog and your pictures. I will be back for more!