Monday, August 22, 2011

Hi! Hello! How ARE You??

Anyone still out there?
Twelve long (but needed) days....
I've missed all of you!!!

I feel like it's been all summer. What's new? How's summer? Is it over for you-in the sense that your kids are back in school? Has the heat wave broken in the south? What about Oklahoma? Any last minute summer get aways?

Here's what's been going on here:
Miss Brenna is officially 17 and will tell anyone who will listen. She said to me, "Why do people keep telling me I'm old??"
Lauren is off into the land of college. "See you in three months, Mom!" Ha. Sooner, if I have a say in it.
My house is trashed from the after math of my eldest leaving the nest again, but we have been having fun in the midst of it all.

I am continuing in my e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts. I am leaning so much! Blogging, marketing, dreaming, setting goals, time managemen, creating, social networking...the list goes on. I am overwhelmed at times, but each day I get back on track and forge ahead.

I'm actually creating. Yep. My blog that is supposed to be about art and life has been mostly life these last several months and I really would like to turn back to the ART side of things!!

Here's a peek:

I have been adding to the journal I started in when I took the class from 

The color on this page is done with my new favorite toy,

My newest love......
Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artist's Crayons.
They can be found at Dick Blick's, or a much smaller set like mine, at Michael's.

I'm also learning to write in different fonts....Lauren turned me onto dafont.com
Gazillions of FREE FONTS. Literally.

I'm using a Faber-Castell Pitt pen in black.
It's perfect for filling in or making etchy-lines.

and little-bitty dots!

On this sweet envelope I used a mailing stamp that I found at an antique store and added more color with ink pads and the crayons.

So happy to be back in the swing of Blogland. 
Stop by and tell me what you have been up to so we can catch up!!


  1. WOW Lynn you sound so happy, I am happy for you.
    You're learning and putting it into action, good for you!!
    I am jealous, my handwriting is beyond learning to do the fancy stuff, lol
    The coffee doesn't help in this department, too shaky
    Well for us here in Vegas, brooklyn brought home a summer cold from daycare and now I have it. UGH
    So I am spending the rest of this week on the couch with movies and crocheting new hats.
    YAY. Hey at least i am doing something in the art dept.
    Glad to have you back :)

  2. Hi Lynn!

    Stopping in from Flying Lessons. Beautiful pieces--I love the backgrounds and writing. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for the font link.


  3. Beautiful, Lynn! The break has been good for you...you sound revitalized and wonderful!!

  4. Clearly, the break was a good one. You sound a lot more rested than I feel these days. I am going to click that e course and see what it's all about. What I need is more than an ecourse. I think I need a life coach.

  5. Hello, my dear,
    I have missed you! We are in Montreal on our last day of our anniversary trip. We have had a wonderful trips, happy and full of life. At times I forget my sadness.
    I love what you are doing. Katie has a giant set of Caran D'ache that she got when she was a student in LA. I covet them. Truly. It is nice to see what you can do with a small set, though!!!Love the envy!
    I am done nothing while I have been here but I am ready to roll when I get hope. Bought some wonderful ephemera. Fun!!!
    Love you and glad you are back,

  6. I love the sneak peek of your journal! Very nice colors and composition! I don't have a Dick Blick close to me either, doesn't that suck? ;)

  7. Welcome back my friend! It sounds like this was just the little respite you needed and I absolutely love seeing what you have been working on. Your new profile pic is pretty gorgeous too! :-)

  8. Good to see you back.. Your little peek into your Journal looks wonderful.. Sounds like you class is wonderful..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. WOW, Lynn!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE these!!!
    especially the "feel" of them....so whimsical and full of playfulness!!!!!

  10. Love them, as always!! Welcome back!!

  11. These are so pretty! Love the colors. I love dafont but I'd never be able to write them out by hand. You are so good at it!

  12. Glad you are back in the swing of ART. LOVING all that you are doing. Have not tried the ARtist Crayons, but when Shelly was here, she turned me onto the Faber's...I'm in love! :) FINALLY cooler here, now if we could just get some much needed rain.

    So glad you to catch up and see your lovely art work...its so beautiful!