Monday, August 29, 2011

Notes On Being Brave.

Well, friends.
I am touched how we are all trying to be brave.
As promised, here are some brave things we are doing:
**edit as of 8/29:**
*(these are taken from the comments from the "Being Brave" post. I'm not moving!!!! )*

"Moving 2,500 miles away."
"putting myself into two flea markets."
"Wading through peri-menopause."
"taking on a large order."
"Choosing to create."
"showing up as who we are and learning to be that person."
"Putting on my big girl britches"
"Reaching for dreams and believing in myself."
"Asking for help."
"Continuing through a day(s) when I just want to give up and cry."

How wonderful, just utterly wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing these acts of bravery with me. I hope others will read this and realize they are not alone in being brave.

Someone else in my life was brave today.
To me, she is the epitome of being brave.
She began her school year as a Sophomore...
At a school that now will give special needs kids a place to learn in a private setting..

have a wonderful day being brave in whatever capacity you can do!


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Gosh starting school can be so nerve wracking, but she look's "cool as a cucumber"! :) I hope she has a fabulous first day of school!


  3. That is Awesome for Brenna!
    She looks so happy on her first day back.
    It is always great to read the words of others for a kick in the pants.
    Not to wallow in our self pity but to get out there and be BRAVE

  4. Wow, you are brave! When do you move? I must have missed a post somewhere...

  5. I must have missed the post on you moving! Oh my gosh...WHERE TO? xoRebecca

  6. What a great post! I can relate to so much of it:) Now if only we could all be as brave as Miss Brenna, we'd be all set!!

  7. I have missed so much since I've been away from the computer. I love that "brave" post.

    I started to share that I have NOT been brave at all lately. As a rule, I'm a coward.

    In fact, my husband was brave this weekend, and instead of standing with him, I cowered over to the side.

    As I worked on Bible Study this morning, the very issue of taking a stand when God tells you to was laid out in black and white in inspired scripture.

    Then, I came here and got the double whammy.

    I think it is time for me to risk losing the esteem of man on a certain church issue and stand with my husband because where he stands is without a doubt in keeping with scripture.

    Trying to be brave.

    Thanks for this and the other post.

    And I'm so very proud of the lovely Brenna. I could learn a LOT from her.

  8. This is such a great post.. So encouraging.. And look at Brenna.. She look wonderful, what a great photo..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Awesome post!!! 'specially after the week we've been through. First an earthquake and then a hurricane!

    And just look at how beautiful Brenna is!!! I hope she has the best school year ever and makes tons of new friends (new friends always help a lot!!!) Hugs, Terri xoxo

  10. Wait, you're moving, you're not moving? What did I miss?

    Brenna looks like she is not nervous at all! Hope she has a great year!

  11. Never mind, I see now. I'm just a bit slow. I think the perimenopause is eating away at my brain!

  12. I'm glad to hear that we are all being so brave.

    Rock on.

    And way to go Miss B!

    However, you cut her shoes off in the photo and they are always soooo awesome.

    I think you owe us a shoe photo.

    I'll be waiting.