Monday, December 12, 2011

Coming Up For Air.

Hey, friends!
So sorry that I have been MIA since Friday.
It's been...a little crazy.
Since Friday, I've attended a funeral, an all day class with Jenny Doh, a Christmas party, finished 8 journals, a canvas and got everything together for an art show.
I was a little more than loopy by Sunday night.

But it was well worth it.
It was one of the most fun shows ever.

Ten artists in the alleyway next to a well-loved coffee shop in downtown Redlands called Augie's.

I packed up part of my living room, some twine and my canvases and met two of the bestest gals ever who helped me set up and ease my panic.
(THANK.YOU, Robin and Rach!)
 Yeah. Just a little panic. When I arrived, NO ONE was there and for a brief 2 or 7 minutes I thought I had gotten the date wrong and the show had all ready taken place. 
Kinda like those dreams you have of never really finishing high school.

Everyone showed up, but I can pretty much guarantee you they weren't as spazzy excited as I was.
Great music, beautiful art, twinkle lights, and no rain. 
A beautiful time.
Many, MANY thanks to Aeron Brown for putting this together.
He is one seriously talented artist. Stop by his Etsy and take a good look!

I kinda made this sign Sunday morning, about 2 hours before the show. I was having a blast getting ready. 
Until I looked at the clock and had about 35 minutes to shower and get ready!

Two new (favorite) canvases:

Some journals and reliquaries...
I will be listing these in my etsy soon.

I was blessed with great feedback, a few sales and the support of wonderful friends and family.
We are hoping to make this a quarterly event, I sure hope it works out!


  1. looks like a wonderful event. i love that saying, speak the truth...
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Congrats on your show, Lynn! Your work is amazing, and it sounds like you had a blast!!

  3. Yay! I got this to open! I tried to come here last night and earlier today, and all I got was a whirly swirly circlet.

    I laughed at "spazzy excited". That's so funny and the perfect description of me half the time.

    And I am finally caught up with email and saw the earlier one from you. (I've been very miss more than hit on the computer)

    I mentioned it here because as you know I LOVE your speak the truth theme. I think it's great advice to me... to you.

    Speak the truth my friend, in every venue you have... even if your voice shakes.

    So glad you have a great report from the day.

  4. Lynn this is terrific news and i enjoyed your post. I loved seeing all of your items and your setup. Its great to just get your stuff out there, isn't it?! Wonderful stuff! Fran xo

  5. Wow, what a busy time you had! This sounds like a wonderful event and I enjoyed looking at all those wonderful exhibits and reading your post!

  6. You look so cute there in your boots!

    And your booth looked mighty spunky, too.

    Isn't it great to have so much fun?

    And a few sales?

    You are taking off, my friend!

  7. Well congrats to you my friend.. You are so talented I just know it will work out.. Your Art is gorgeous...

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Hi Lynn,
    Congrats to you!!! Your set-up and art look great! Glad that you had such a fun time :)
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
    xo~ Anna
    P.S. You are so lucky to have sunshine and no snow.

  9. How wonderful, Lynn, your "space" looks so great, congrats on the sales, and now you can take a deep breath,,,,boy, have you been busy. Sounds and looks like a wondeful event to attend, you can make it a yearly thing. You go...girl!!!

  10. How fun! Your space looks fabulous, your work is beautiful and you know that I just love the speak the truth piece... amazing!
    Congratulations on a great show, I hope you can make it a quarterly thing too. I love meeting the people who buy my work, it makes it so worthwhile. I have a moment to write about... now I need to find one for the post! t.xoxooxoxox

  11. Just fabulous! You, the booth, the art great combo. I am loving the speak the truth piece.