Monday, December 19, 2011


My computer has decided to not connect to Internet, so once again, I'm resorting to my trusty phone..
Which is probably just as well,since I feel a rambling post coming on.
Wrapping. Does anyone actually enjoy wrapping gifts at Christmas? I had an epiphany last night that I do NOT enjoy wrapping. I always want it to look like the simply beautiful gifts on the cover of Country Living magazine, but somehow they look like the grinch and his dog wrapped them.

At least I am finished with shopping. I do enjoy that part.

I'm thinking we could enjoy baked goods say, twice a year instead of waiting to devour all of the offerings in December.

I have only broken one ornament this year, and, as predicted, my eldest does not like Justin Bieber on our small tree.

I love that Brenna still believes in Santa-110%.

Do you buy your pets gifts at Christmas? I'm debating with Miss Party, as she has been on the naughty list far too often this year.

O.k., I do recall saying I would keep this rambling short...wish me luck with Internet connection.
Happy Monday!


  1. Well ya know i am with ya on this one. I wish it were like all the 1940's movies I have been watching, everyone leaves the store with a beautifully wrapped package.
    That would be nice to have one less thing to have to worry about doing.

    Totally yes for the gifts for pets.
    They get a stocking full of toys and a can of cat food.

    Yay Brenna, Santa is REAL!
    Your tree looks so classic Lynn, even the justin bieber will one day be a classic just like all the other ornaments.

    We can't put breakables on the tree this year, little hands are too grabby...so we have all the breakables packed away safe for next Christmas.

    Umm, I eat the baked goods all year round and still go crazy with them at Christmas, lol

  2. I just love reading your post like this.. I do hope you get better internet service soon..

    Hugs, Linda

  3. When my daughter lived at home, the rest of the family used to hire her to do all the wrapping lol! I haven't wrapped one thing...and I put in an order at the bakery, too...
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Lynn! XO

  4. Love your little tree, & I know how frustrating it is when the internet goes down...arggghhh!
    I LOVE that Brenna believes in Santa 110% too, so do I.
    Wishing you & all your loved ones the Happiest of Holidays sweet friend & a New Year filled with Art & Love & Surprises!!!

  5. You are so funny girl. I have to admit though, that I love to wrap gifts. Always have. Your tree looks fabulous. :)

  6. GREAT POST! that is awesome that your Brenna believes 110%. how much fun is that!? :) we got our dog a new collar and he's getting a stocking as usual! LOL. HOpe Santa brings you better internet connection this year! Good luck:)