Thursday, December 1, 2011

Take Good Care Of This Moment

It's here, it's today!! Hooray!!
I'm so very excited you are all here.
I LOVE having people over. I wish you could really all be at my house. I would make coffee and pumpkin bread and we would sit for hours and share our moments.
Ah, well. Someday...
Until then, let's share on this blog. Tell us your moment. The moment of the week where you stopped. You re-looked at your moment. You kept it with you all day, knowing you would save it for a long time to come.

It might just be a photo with a few words. It could be you felt like
 you saw your child's eyes like it was for the very first time. 
Did you see your first snowflake of the season, and did you stop and take in the wonder of it?
Hmmm, maybe you were caught short and didn't know which direction to turn. So you kept that moment and during the day you saw your situation in a different light.

Even if you don't have a "Moment", please look through the blogs that have linked up and take home something wonderful for the day. Leave me a message that you did and I can pass it on to the others.

Here is my "Moment":

This is a small part of our extended family.
There are 5 families. Four of which we have known over 20 years.
We have held each other in and through birth, death, and literally, everything in between. We have all been in Bible study together almost all of those 20 years.

This is a photo of just the girls from all our families:
(not sure where the the guys went, but they were there somewhere!)

But this-THIS is my MOMENT:
The Saturday after Thanksgiving.
We usually spend Thanksgiving day together, and when our family isn't there, everyone comes to our house for a left-over dessert and game night.

When I snapped this photo, I thought to myself, "Oh...there is so MUCH right here, right now."
Is it possible to go through 20 years in an instant of taking a photo?
In this moment, I thought to myself, "This is what life is about. Right here, right now."
Twenty years of knowing what goes on behind the laughter, twenty years of watching and praying and seeing them grow. TWENTY years of shared life. Sending them off, rejoicing when they come home. Sharing in their accomplishments, holding them through their tears.

I have tucked this moment away to pull out through all of December, and for days to come.
The moment of stopping and realizing there is so much fullness in this life. It doesn't come with a fancy price tag. It comes from investing and committing and loving a life. The moment of knowing you have loved and are loved in return.

Thank you for participating!!!

Please feel free to take the Blueskies Badgeon the right side bar to use on your blog, should you choose to participate.
We will be doing this each Friday through the month of December as a way to encourage each other to find hope in this season.


  1. What a lovely post.. And such beautiful photos.. Thanks so much for inviting me to your party... It would be great to meet you IRL on day!!! And pumpkin bread sounds great!

    Hugs, Linda

  2. How nice to have a history like that with good friends and family! The girls look like sisters and you can see the love that they share! Thanks for the party! t.xoxoxo

  3. Thank you Lynn.
    Thank you for letting me realize to look deeper at a moment in time.
    This has really made me stop and think, you are good at making me do that.
    The love you share and all you give is coming back to you.
    My hope is all that read this linky party take the advice to live in a moment and see what is really there.
    Take care

  4. Sweet post Miss Lynn~ My Moment...when I hung the ornament on our tree I purchased for our son in 1982 when he was a baby. Almost 30 years ago and I can still smell the spiced candle burning in the shop where the ornie was found.

    Sweet memories in my heart~


  5. Thank you Lynn for starting this sweet idea of grabbing the happiness and/or meaningfulness of the moments in our lives. I posted today about a past moment. I hope that is OK.

  6. Way to go, Mz. Lynn!

    Mastering the Linky thing-y!

    I hope I can participate most of the weeks....we'll see where I'm at...how it is going....

    Love your Moment!

    As always.

  7. I just teared up. You got me unexpectedly Lynn! What a beautiful moment!

  8. I absolutely love the pic of all the girls.It really did capture "life" right in the moment. Lucky you! The older I get the more often I stop, especially in the crazy moments, and just think "this is what it is all about...how great!" I wish I could get my daughter to understand this early in life...Julie

  9. i am sorry to have missed the list last Friday. I did post something this evening! I'll be sure to be listed next Friday. Have a good week Lynn!

  10. Beautiful, Lynn. Jud is in the study. Whew. Hopefully this will mean more time.
    Big hugs,

  11. What a lovely group of young women! So nice that you have those long term memories and relationships!

  12. We have moved so much that I can't even imagine how wonderful it must be to have this same group of friends that has been able to meet together often through the years. I have some dear friends, and we have been a group of friends for over 35 years, but we hardly ever get to be together anymore, and we have never all been together with our families. This IS such a special moment - thank you for sharing it in this beautiful way. I just love those black and white photos, too!

  13. So sorry to have missed your party! I did have a really special moment this week...taking down our sale...it was hectic and hard work and we were so tired. But when we walked out the door with our stuff, the most beautiful snow was falling...so still...and Christmas lights shining on the beautiful old houses in the neighborhood. It was peaceful and so worth being there and sharing the moment with my daughter...