Thursday, December 22, 2011

Take Good Care of This Moment, Take 4.

Welcome to Take Good Care of This Moment.
 I know it' a very busy time of the year, but I'm hoping these have brought some great time to reflect and think about what moment you would like to tuck away in your heart and mind for later.
If you have one to share, please feel free to join in the linky below!

Today was one of those "spectacular" days in Southern California. The winds have been at it again, howling away, but during December they blow cold, and the sky is swept clean and clear -you can see forever. 
Not that I was enjoying it much.
Somehow I got a wild hair to make home made bagels.
It took about 5 hours, a bag of flour, several bowls, three ruined cookie sheets, one bent spatula, two times sweeping and mopping the floors, and I don't know how many times I scrubbed the counters of flour and bagel water.
Not to mention having to take apart the stove top to clean water that boiled over from the bagels. It was SO not my finest moment as a cook. 

They look revolting, but they tasted pretty good. Especially warm out of the oven with butter and cream cheese.

Feeling like I had completely wasted a day, and more than a little frustrated, I decided it was time for Brenna, Miss Party and I to get out for a bit. 

The three of us bundled up and headed for the dog park. Miss Party is not overly fond of the dog park, but she does enjoy a good walk and Brenna has a bike she can maneuver around the park area. It was good to go, to feel the wind gust and feel the cold against my face. It cleared the cobwebs from my head and seemed to right my thinking. Not to mention it got the smell of bagels out of my head.

I happened to look up at one point during our walk and was literally stopped in my tracks by the colors set up with this particular tree, the sky and the surrounding hills.

The tree was stripped bare of it's leaves, but there were clusters of bright red berries that were set against the blue sky.

It felt as if it were a treat just for me, because I looked up.
It was a wonderful moment to stop, BREATHE, and take notice.
We walked and rode, enjoyed the beautiful day, picked some oranges and headed home.
And somehow the day was better.

Thanks so much for participating by either reading along or posting your own moment!


  1. it is 6am and I am up...what am I doing up???? I guess I woke up to read this wonderful post.
    I love the colors here and I feel like I just took a brisk walk with you. It is such a treat to get out and feel that bitter chill in our faces isn't it?
    It does something for the soul.
    I really believe that this is why people in my town are so rude, not enough good chill air to hit them in the face and clear cobwebs as you say. LOVE IT!
    Happy holidays and thank you so much for doing this, it has been wonderful and a great learning tool.

  2. I love it when something in nature just grabs us and takes our breath away. Beautiful colors. Thank you for sharing your moment.