Thursday, December 8, 2011

Take Good Care Of This Moment, Take 2.

Well, my friends, welcome back to "Take Good Care of This Moment".

Did you find one?
A moment that made you stop and reflect? A few minutes, maybe, that you were able to savor in the midst of this hectic, fun, crazy, maddening season?
If you did, and you would like to share it with us, we would LOVE to hear about it! Link up your moment at the bottom of this post, and we can spread the moments aaaallll over, and when we do, we can encourage each other that our time still counts. That it is so good to stop just for a little bit and breathe.
I know after reading the moments last week, I thought about them during the days after. I thought about rain and windshield wipers in the middle of the night and looking into my child's eyes. 

My moment came on Wednesday.

It started out like a typical day for this month. Brenna and I needed to get her new glasses adjusted. The glasses that she had gotten on Monday and still did not wear. The glasses that I thought were too tight behind her ear and she INSISTED they were fine. Until we got home and I thought she was going to cry because they were too tight. You know the feeling-when the arm of the glasses is hitting that little bone just behind your ear and you think your head will split in two unless you get them OFF.

But I digress.
It took us two days to find the time to get over to have the glasses readjusted. Trust me. It did.
I also got a phone call saying my allergy shots were ready and, wow! I could come in on Wednesday morning. Wow! I said, perfect and would be there after I dropped of my child to school and I could be there by 8:45, as it would take about 25 minutes to get there.

So, Wednesday morning, Brenna and I were able to take a little bit of a more relaxed approach to getting ready for school, as the optometry office didn't open til 8:30. At 7:15, I thought I'd get ready because we didn't need to leave until ten after eight. 
Making sense yet?
I came to at 7:45 and realized that some how I could get to the optometry department by 8:30, have Brenna back to school around 9:15 and get to the allergist by......

I was running up and down the hallway confusing Brenna by telling her we weren't going to get her glasses done, and HURRY, WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN FIVE MINUTES.
Then I ran back down the hallway and told her, never mind, we'll get your glasses fixed and I'll call the allergist.
All the while, Brenna is telling me no to whatever I'm tossing her way about what it is we are or are not doing.
I can't really blame her.

I can say, we got her glasses adjusted, and I made it to the allergist at 9:30.
I've never done this before, but I think I'm going to like it. After my shot, I sat for half an hour.
This is when I had my moment.
Because I just sat.
It was quiet.
I wasn't running up and down the hallway.
I organized a couple of things in my calendar, goofed around on my phone and sat.

Much, much later that night, I realized that the 30 minutes I spent sitting was the quietest part of my day. I was so thankful for it!! I could and did look back on that 30 minutes of peace off and on all day. It was amazing.

So was the coffee I got myself for being brave.
Oh, and we have to get Brenna's glasses adjusted again.
I think I'll wait until my next allergy shot.


  1. I do understand this, Lynn...sometimes a half an hour of stillness is what gets you through the day!

  2. So nice to find quite time where ever we can!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  3. oh Lynn this sounds so like a day around here, just constant running.
    anytime I can find 30 minutes to take for myself I go for it.
    My coffee is usually a rush thru the drive thru and a screaming baby.
    LOL definitely not my peaceful time of the day. :)
    How did you feel after the shots????

  4. I just hooked up on your blog from Amy, at Vintage Marketplace. What a wonderful, and much needed thing to remember in this world of ours! Thank you for taking the time for "moments"!

    Take care, Sue

  5. lovely, lynn.
    i am enjoying these so much!

  6. Ah, that's great. Isn't it funny and sad all at the same time, when just 30 minutes of peace can make a world of difference?!?

    I hope you are having a grand weekend. Try not to run over Brenna in the hallway ;)

    "Her" and Romeo

  7. Help me!

    I have tried and tried to link up and it won't seem to work.....

    Once I got an error message and the rest of the times it said I was successful, but there is no link listed for me.........


  8. Hey....

    Maybe all my links will show up at the same time.

    Wouldn't that be swell?!?

  9. I would love to play along.Just waiting for the moment...I know I deserve it, but just have to find it. Thanks for making me aware of it though!! Julie

  10. Lynn I just posted my moment...it has been a busy week but a good one. Thanks for this wonderful idea of taking a moment. Yours was great, life does get too hectic and crazy. hugs, Linda

  11. Good Morning Lynn! My week seems to have went by in a blur... I wanted you to know though, that I kept thinking about the care of my moments that i was able to have. The moment of having a conversation with one of my coworkers... A 75 year old woman with whom I have become close to in the year that we have worked together, Snuggling with Max while he read quietly, finishing a large order for a friend and thinking about her as I made her pumpkins, Actually having a conversation with my husband without being interrupted! I have you to thank for thinking about the care I gave each one. Thank you, I hope to be able to join in next week! Have a wonderful Monday!

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