Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I think this ramble will be full of questions...
For instance.
Would you like to know how to have a really, really good time and feel like you belong?
Go bowling.

But make sure you go with people like this:

We attended a FUNdraiser for Camp Footprints, the summer camp Brenna attended this year. There is nothing quite like hanging out with these fabulous people-staff and campers alike.  Brenna and I bowled with two young women we had never met before, but felt like we had been friends with them for forever. We cheered each other on for THREE games, gave each other advice on bowling strategies and just generally had a blast.

Have you ever done some updating to your home? 
Have you done the updating while doing three shows? 
Have you done said updating while your child has the stomach flu?
No? It's a real kick in the pants. 

I will say I'm grateful for the worst of it hitting during the day. Usually it's 
in the middle of the night...why IS that?
 I'm seriously hoping this bypasses the rest of us. I remember when my girls were little, washing my hands in Lysol. I think one night I had to wash my feet as well. Don't ask. It was a bad night.
Our kids, when sick, usually end up in bed with me. I used to think it was better this way so my husband could get some sleep and be able to go to work in the morning,
I'm should have changed that program from the beginning.

Unfortunately, this bug hit during Spirit Week at school and Brenna only made it to two of the days to dress up.

Princess Leia

Team Slytherin

Air compressors for nail guns are noisy little buggers, aren't they?
Man, I wanted to try that tool in the worst way as our contractor was putting molding around the kitchen windows.  It makes the best sound (the nail gun, not the compressor) and is so efficient.

How much do you go to Goodwill?
I haven't been for a while, but with trying to find outfits for Spirit Week at school and Halloween, I have been there quite a bit. 
I found these:

They have nothing to do with Spirit Week or Halloween, but they matched what I was wearing much better than my black sandals. And it's fall. (well, it was for three days.)  I need something besides sandals...

Do you ever watch the show, Parenthood? I love it. Kristina announced to her family this week that she had breast cancer and I cried with her whole family. I don't usually cry like that over stuff in movies. Well, except the movie Ramona and Beezus had me boo-hooing like there was no tomorrow. I read all the Beverly Cleary books to my eldest and I love, loved that time in her life. The movie made me so nostalgic, I found myself in the bathroom in the theater crying so hard and listening to everyone say how cute the movie was. Didn't they know it was an end to a beautiful era?
Wow. This ramble is getting too strange.. I'll sign off for now and wish everyone good health and a great weekend!

P.s. don't forget your flu shot!


  1. I hope Brenna is on the mend, what a week to have to miss school ;(
    I miss bowling and bowling with gnomes oh what fun!!

    Well we have done remodeling with a 1 year old and that gun thingy going off and unable to use a kitchen to heat bottles...lol so glad that is over
    Hang in there girl just imagine how it will all be once it is done!

    Love the new loafers...and no haven't been to GW in ages. My allergies just don't allow it much anymore :(

    PS I just love photos of kids sleeping, so innocent and heavenly.
    Take care

  2. Wonderful ramblings!
    I love going to Goodwill and finding bargains. I make it a point to donate to them, too, as I know they will recycle as much as they possibly can, and it helps so many others.

  3. Well that was different I not sure I understood all of it but I did enjoy your post.

  4. I love it when you ramble! I was at the GW today, first time in a while and found a cool vintage wool sweater from Ireland in a beautiful blue, I can't wait to wear it! I hope Brenna is feeling better, tell her she makes the perfect pricess Leia! love, t.xoxo

  5. Just so you know, when I read your rambles, I can picture myself sitting there listening to you ramble from topic to topic, kind of like listening to a comedienne. Funny stuff to me.

    I don't go to our GW often anymore. I used to go for costume purposes. Then, I started reading blogs and started going for thrifty DIY projects. Now, I'm angry at them because they charge too much for junk.

    But baby needs a new pair of shoes...

  6. I love to read your rambles. You have a way with words my friend. Last time I went bowling with the hubby I kicked his butt.. I bowled over a 200. I have never bowled that high of a score in my life. It was a freaky accident. But now my husband won't bowl with me. DARN.. I love going to the goodwill, But I haven't been in years.. I might have to make a trip. A nail gun does sound like it would be fun to play with. Or dangerous. Hee Hee..

    I do hope you have a awesome weekend.


  7. Hi Lynn,
    Hey, you have waaaay toooo much going on!!!!! Let's see, bowling - haven't done it in an age, your venture sure looks like fun :) I certainly hope Brenna is feeling better and no one else is sick. Hate when that happens. Compressors and air guns - we'll probably be doing/hearing a bit of that around Feb, since we are planning to sell our house this spring and have a couple re-model projects to finish first. Can't wait....not for the remodeling but, for the moving :) Goodwill - I've been busy going through years worth of accumulated junk, oopppsss... I mean great stuff. Getting rid of lots and forcing myself to never look for any good deals. Congrats on the art shows - you are one v. busy creative gal!
    Well, take a deep breath and enjoy the upcoming week!
    xo ~ A

  8. OH I hope that flu didn't go through the house, and that Brenna is feeling better now! Sounds like a BUSY week!

  9. I love to go bowling it's really fun and a great social event. My friend never wants to go though. I dunno why not?

    -Zane of ontario honey