Friday, October 19, 2012

The Aftermath, Part II

The first show was finished and I found myself with six days until the big, three day show called Art For Heaven's Sake.

Having never participated in a show this big, I completely forgot about how God sees me and all those who love and support me and had myself in a nice knot of neuroses. Which SO weren't helped by getting my bangs trimmed and having them be too short. I texted my blog friend, Amy, a picture of my hair and my woes and she kindly asked if I felt like I was 9 years old again. Boy, did she nail that feeling!!!!!! She talked me off of that ledge and I went back to get them "fixed." Why does this never, ever, ever happen until a big to-do??? Good thing they grow fast.

Nevertheless, I kept gathering and painting, gathering and painting.
(and pulling on my bangs)

The big day came to load up my art and neuroses, set up and start the the show.

My stupendous support team showed up, shored up my rattled brain and I began to have a good time.

My sweet friend, Robin. She and her husband came in the cold to help set up, she sat in the sun with me all day Saturday and they came in the heat to help me tear down.

Little paintings on old books tied up with vintage seam binding that was sent by my friend, Linda.

to my new friend, Janie.

The committee that put on the art show was amazing! The music was fun and festive, there were demonstrations, and over 60 artists participated. 

It began with on a chilly Friday evening, full of music, hors d'oeuvres, and twinkle lights. 

Set up and ready to go, I got a question that had me quickly rearranging my booth. "Are we allowed in here?" 

This table was moved to the side, "allowing" more traffic into the booth.

I was in the garden section, which was quite fun. Except when the sun decided to come out and play for the weekend and heated us up over 90 degrees.
It was waaay better than rain all weekend.

 It was hard to see it go!!

I got the best surprises this weekend. My Brave Girl Sister, Julie came from San Diego to visit. What a treat. Nothing like seeing a fellow Brave Girl and being able to wrap your arms around her for a great big hug. Isn't she amazing?

On Sunday, I  had a visit with a special friend, Jean Kimm. Jean was my eldest daughter's kindergarten teacher and she is a much loved person She has bravely battled Scleroderma since 2002 and never ceases to encourage or amaze me.

I love using these old suitcases...they are good for transporting, storage and showing.

(still available.)

My sister stopped by and when I told her what a roller coaster of emotions the last three days had been, she recounted the story of Sally Fields winning her oscar. Sally, holding the award said, "you like me, you like me!!" It's fairly similar. I like my creations. The thought that someone else might as well is one that brings out excitement, nerves, serious doubts and neuroses, and a general feeling of anxiety. When someone does validate my creations, and they really connect with them, I am beyond happy. I am content. It's a sketchy line of creating because that's what I'm meant to do and creating with the intention that others will like it. An ongoing battle, to be sure.

I love this:

an impromptu Tai-Chi lesson in the sunshine.

One of my new artist friends, Rebecca. What a doll! Stop by her blog for her story on getting to the art show. It's a doozy.


Here is to doing what we know we are meant to do. To stretching our wings and safe landings, not feeling like our 9 year old self, and being brave and accepting help. To being vulnerable and loved. To new days and new Mercies.


  1. Lynn
    You are such a beautiful soul I am so very blessed to know you! I love your work and hopefully will make it to another of your showings. Your smile is beaming along with your sweet spirit.

    Hugs to you
    Kate xo

  2. Your work is absolutely amazing! The way you blend and mix colors is truly a gift! One of these days I WILL get to a show.. and I can't wait! xo

  3. Awwww, They Like You! They Like You! YaY! I am so happy for you and your accomplishment. Way to go Brave Girl! {{love}}

  4. OH I just loved this post Lynn! I know that feeling exactly, they like me, they like me...it is just how I feel sometimes. Your work is so beautiful, so soulful, I just love it! Congratulations on a great show, it looked like so much fun, did you tai chi? Have a wonderful weekend! love, t.xoxo

  5. p.s. your bangs look fabulous! You are gorgeous! t.xoxo

  6. This looks like so much fun, Lynn! I would have loved to attend! Your work is so lovely...and it is inspiring to see you go for it! And I think your hair looks wonderful!

  7. Loved everything about this post- your feelings, vulnerability, beautiful artwork! Congratulations on your success.

  8. Oh how I wished I could have stopped by to see you. So happy for you my friend. Your on your way.


  9. Lynn!!! Your work and booth looked so amazing! Congrats to you:)


  10. Hi Lynn- congratulations on your sales..that looks like a great event!

  11. It all looks wonderful to me, and I'm so proud of you for your sales and the affirmation of what I've easily seen all along. You. Are. Gifted. It's as simple as that.

    You know, this is the second post that I've read this morning (and I've only read four or five) about doing what you're called to do. I'm struggling with that right now. Think God noticed?

  12. You told your story beautifully! And all those thoughts and emotions show up in your beautiful, creative artwork! The bangs? Haven't we all been there at one time or another. And why yanking on them doesn't make them grow faster is beyond me! I loved the picture of the husband (your friend's, right?) helping... made me take a closer look. Sure looked like my husband who always wears a button down, long sleeved, oxford shirt.. no matter what the occasion!! LOL

  13. Hi Lynn,

    Discovered you through Brave Girls today. What great work and blog. We are on very similar paths. Your first images from this post looks like my set right down to the white lattice and old window frames. All the best!