Monday, October 15, 2012

The Aftermath...

I have to say, these last two weeks have been an amazing ride as far as energy, emotions and keeping a family together are concerned. As in any roller coaster, I'm glad to get off and get my feet on the ground and make the dizziness stop. But I'll be ready to get back on pretty soon!

Collected Intuitions at Jenny Doh's Studio was a whirlwind. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that packed out her studio space. The love and support of family and friends who came out to see all the artists was beyond affirming. To me, it was a wave, rising up and carrying 10 artists to a ledge we have never known before.

Here's the deal.
I know we, in general and as believers, are not supposed to care what people think of us. It's how God sees us that matters. 

I'm beginning to realize, however, that He sends people to our lives to help us see ourselves as He sees us....loved, worthy, a mess but so loveable, insecure but happy to be with us...

..and when these people drive a long way to support me, or just come to a show because they love me, it's a mighty humbling experience.

And when they talk me off the ledge of insanity, and help me sit on the ledge that's a little sturdier,

I realize that the hands and feet of Jesus are here on earth.

Louise Bearzi
The other realization I have had is that having spent quite a bit of time with other like minded artists baring my soul, being real, being accepted into a new group, hating your work, thinking in silence together, encouraging one another, and loving what you are doing with a burning passion is a pretty cool deal.

And having it all culminate in a glorious night full of song, people, and art? Icing on the cake.

To be continued...


  1. Oh how I love that picture of Lorrie and I....she is so darn funny!!! xoxo

  2. Lynn... there you went and did it again! You wrote something that resonated within me about the Lord bringing in people who affirm what He sees in you! And here I was kind of resenting a person who is quick to copy what I'm doing. And I knew that copying was the greatest form of flattery but after awhile i was thinking "enough already!". No, you turned my around to some right thinking and I thank you for that!! Lovely post! And congrats on such a great show for you!!

  3. Dear Lynn

    I had hoped I would be feeling well that night so that I would get a chance to meet you. The Lord is so faithful and I did. Your hug was a great blessing to my heart that night! Thank you for such a heart felt post. The art show was amazing! Much Love Kate xoxo

  4. I am just so thrilled for you Lynn and you perfectly expressed some of what I've been feeling/wrestling with lately. Congrats on an incredible event and I'm honored to get to be a bystander watching you on that roller coaster and cheering you on! :-)

  5. HOLY MOLY you had Hollywood show up!!!!!!
    WOW how amazing is that.
    Oh I how wish I could have been there.
    I really want to see your art up close.

  6. What a wonderful post. So heartfelt. So happy for you my friend.


  7. Such a great night!! I just saw this Lynn and it's making me want to hurry and do it again :) Happy to be a part of it with you!

  8. How wonderful this is, Lynn! I just loved sharing the event with you, and reading your lovely insights!