Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Continuation Of This Crazy Little Thing Called Life

My hope is that as you read this that you are safe, dry and warm. So many, many people out of power, under water and under snow on the east coast.... 

I thought it would be fun to make little tiny paintings and encase them in tiny glass slides and solder them together for the next art show.

Which is Saturday, November 3, 10-4!! Click on the link for all the info...

I have this new addition to the house....a fabulous- such -a- deal table that my team mate, Robin found for me. Thank goodness for Iphones. I got a call from her while she was at the JCPenny outlet. That led to her texting me a photo, which led to me calling her back and saying, "Are you positive? $50.00 for that table?????" Now it's living in it's new home here and we have thoroughly bonded this table and I.
 Oh, yes. That can happen.
Tell me furniture does that to you. It makes you giddy and happy, and you know it's just right. It fits right in, does it's share of work and more, looks wonderful and just KNOW it needs to be in your home.

I actually had time to work on the necklaces while Brenna was down with the stomach flu and working on the table was amazing. So much ROOM!!! 

Speaking of Miss B,
she bounced back just in time to go to the Homecoming Dance.

She kills me, this girl. 
So stinking cute in her sparkle skirt and curled hair.

I wish she would let me do this to her hair more, but she is a wash-n-go type of a gal.
We had so much fun getting her ready. I had done her eyebrows-we use a Nair-like product just in between the brows, and I was having so much fun curling her hair, I forgot to take it off and well, it was pretty red. She let me put a little cover up on it, and then she let me put on some blush and THEN...I stopped at just a teeny bit of eyeshadow. Oh. My. Word. 
So, so cute.

We met up for dinner with her class mates and their parents. It was the best time. 
Just a little evening when all was right, when all was a little "typical".
 A group of friends doing the high school scene: 
Dinner out and then the big dance, talking and laughing. Even though it was with the parents... I think we had just as much fun as the kids at dinner, but I know my child was glad I didn't go to the dance.

This photo would have testified to that sentiment if I had taken it three seconds earlier. 
I had asked Brenna to stop before she went into the gym for a photo and let me tell you what, if looks could kill, I would have been slain on the spot.
Luckily, she pulled off a smile for a half a second, I snapped the picture and she wooshed right past me and that's the last we saw of her. She landed in the middle of the dance floor in the sea of bodies jumping with their hands up in the air.

It was a good night.


  1. oh I just love her and her sparkly skirt! You did a fabulous job on her hair, she looks so cute :)
    I was just telling my neighbor that I wanted to play with paint again and then solder them... great minds think alike! Mine are still just an idea in my head, and yours are beautiful and will sell like hotcakes at the show! I am still soldering bottles and moved on to test tubes this week... more to come
    I have 2 kids here not feeling too great, Max was home from school today and Hannah has been achy since she got home. Hopefully it goes quickly.
    happy tuesday!

  2. You and that table, oh my, you are going to have SUCH adventures together! I just love the pictures of Miss B (sparkly skirt, wouldn't her Mamoo have loved that, too??) and wish many more happy, exciting adventures for her too!

  3. Yay Miss Brenna!!
    You look amazing and so beautiful.
    Love the hair and sparkles.
    Sounds like it was such a good time.

    Okay, ya know you have to save me a heart necklace, PLEASE!!!


  4. Lovely sparkly skirt, it sounds like a good time was had by all.

  5. Lynn
    She is just precious too cute for words! I love how adorable she looked for her dance. What beautiful memories! I love the necklaces that you have made they are amazing! Have a lovely week my friend.


  6. Lynn... I don't have to say to treasure these moments as they go by too quickly. You have certainly done that and more! She just looked adorable and so happy.... what girl wouldn't at a homecoming dance! Sparkles... curly hair... and a bit of makeup. "I enjoy being a girl!!!" Don't think they played that song at the dance but it sure is appropriate, right?

  7. Brenna looks so beautiful! Oh Lynne, I haven't been reading blogs lately...she seems so grown up! Where does the time go?
    Also, I love those necklaces, you just keep doing it, awesome!

  8. Brenna looks so pretty for her dance.. She looks so happy. I am glad she was feeling better. And Love the big table. I bet it was nice having all that room to work on. And those Necklaces are so pretty. I love the way they turned out.

    Hope your week is going well.


  9. I looks like a GREAT night! I am smiling so large right now at the photos of her all done up for the dance. She looks just plain lovely! And now, I have the song "I could have danced all night" stuck in my head.

  10. She's adorable! Love her sparkling skirt! I am sure your pendants will be the hit of the show!