Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I am definitely back in reality.
Here is how I know.
This week I was thinking about how, when I think I have it all together, this happens:

Thank you, Miss Party, for always giving us something to do in our house.

When I have the whole upstairs fresh and clean, sheets changed, you name it, my child gets sick to her stomach because I am convinced she will never, ever, ever learn to not overeat. She at least throws up in her trash can but I do have to re wash the sheets.  

And, once again, I have paint on a favorite pair of pants.

it actually came out with soaking it in hand sanitizer!!!

As I went upstairs to put my daughter's sheets on her bed for the second time in two days and found that the bottom sheet was still damp and had to go back into the dryer, I thought of something my father used to say. I would gripe about something and he would look at me and say, "Cheer up. It'll just get worse."

Now this would confuse me. If it just gets worse, how can I cheer up? What? I should be happy things will get worse? 
As I got older, it made me mad. "Ha." I would think to myself. "I'll prove you wrong."
(Where my child gets her stubbornness, is beyond me.)

I continued that practice this week...

I looked for the little things that made me happy.
I rearranged a little shelf.

I planted a tomato plant no one wanted and some flowers that I had from my show.
I made myself an Orange Chia Refresher.

I walked with a friend.
I put on country music.
I thought about practice line dancing.

I even bought myself a COKE.
I'm lucky I didn't buy a bag of Lay's potato chips and a carton of french onion dip and dive in head first.

And then....
The sinus problems began.
Back to reality.

Outside, the call of summer is beginning..
The Agapanthus is beginning to bloom,

The Day Lilies are coming out.

This makes things better.

So will doodling in my art journal.
And buying an eraser to carve out a stamp.
Taking some Sudafed...

Yep, I'm gonna cheer up!

Have a fabulous weekend...


  1. hope you get a chance to put your feet up and relax

  2. There is a children's picture book called "Could Be Worse" that my daughters used to love. This post reminded me of it.

    And I didn't know that about the hand sanitizer!! Was it dried paint?

  3. Awww. I hope you feel better soon. Does the paint on clothing really come out with hand sanitizer? O Wise One?? I must try that as I have the same problem as you! I love getting glimpses into your life! Love you<3

  4. Yep the allergies have hit for sure! I am hoping that pass as fast as they hit.
    Goodness what a week you have had. That is the worst when you release a sigh of "okay I am caught up" and then boom you are right back if not worse from what you started from. Power on girl it is what being mom is all about.
    Showing our strength and love no matter how bad it gets.
    but boy a Coke really helps doesn't it?!?!
    Enjoy one for me.

  5. Lynn, this, also, reminds me of the chidlren's book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day : ) This is such a wonderful post! Who cannot relate? I think your Dad's comment is hilarious! I can think that, because he wasn't my Dad saying that. You have my sympathies for the events of this past week especially Britta's getting sick. I used to just about have panic attacks when my kids threw up. So glad the paint came out of your pants too! So, just know that I am sending prayers, for a beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing weekend! And, if you need or just want to, gulp down another Coke : ) <3

  6. Please forgive me for calling Brenna "Britta." Oh, this mind of mine can get so discombobulated!!!

  7. Such is real life, huh? Whenever I think I've got it together, something comes along to make life a little more exciting...I've finally realized my life is what's happening NOW. Take a little time for yourself, too! XO

  8. What a wonderful blogpost!
    For some reason, I too, feel that
    life should not be in full session.
    That things should flow easily, always.
    Yet, in my life, its the challenges and what I do
    with them that create who I am.
    What you did with your challenges last week,
    country music, the coke, walking with a friend-
    reminds me of what I need to do to handle life's
    bumps and curves.
    Thanks, Lynn. Your honesty put me in solution.