Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sharing Time With Paint

Catchy title, no?
I didn't think so either, but I do kinda like it...

I decided what I wanted to do this week!
It has to do with paint. And sprays. And little, tiny spray bottles. 

I started by wanting more Glimmer Mists, so, being the cheap skate that I can be, I looked for a tutorial on how to do this myself.
I found several that were very handy. Until I learned from the last class I took from Christy Tomlinson that these can be combustible when make with alcohol inks.

Plus, after taking her class, I used Dylusion Sprays.
Oh, man.
When you want fabulous, rich color, go purchase these.

Or, be a cheapie like me and look on the internet on different ways to make sprays with a lot of color.
When you do it this way, you also have an added benefit of finding really cool blogs.
This tutorial I tried came from Julie Fei-Fan Blazar.
*edited note, this post was a guest tutorial, and not written by Julie*

It's super easy.
You put paint and Mod Podge in a tiny spray bottle and add water.

You think more is better and don't really pay attention to Julie's directions and you put just a tad bit too much paint in the bottle and have trouble stirring it up.

This is where being a Starbucks addict comes in handy, because you have a little stopper handy from your last cuppa joe and it fits perfectly into the bottle.

I love how this turned out.
It's not runny, it's color is fairly strong and it's a bit thick, which works well for me.

Sorry for the lousy photo.
I had so much paint on my hands, I was trying to shoot left handed while actually holding my camera with my left hand.
Don't ask.

I wanted a soft, soft look for this canvas.

Just a touch of pink to cover. Which is odd, as I am so not a pink person and neither are my canvases usually done in soft, soft colors.

 Which is why I think I really messed up this 30x30 canvas, because I just can't leave well enough alone and the next thing I knew, I had RED all. over. it.
But that's a different story for a different day.

 Check out the tutorial, make some sprays and let me know what you think!


  1. Hey I don't think you did so bad with the photo - I mean afterall had it been me, well that camera would have landed right smack in the middle of the paint. See pretty good picture isn't it ;)

    I LOVE Julie's blog - she is so inspiring! And so I am not too surprised to hear that she had a recipe for this paint!

    Thanks too for the heads up on the Dylusion paints. Have been wondering.....

    Hope you have a grand week!

    Hugs and purrs,

    "her" and Romeo

  2. I've had some experience with that holding the camera with the left hand stuff...you look like you are having all kinds of fun!

  3. OK, so you just make and spray this paint? Like you put down something and spray around it and cool stuff like that? That sounds really interesting to me, and I think I might like the process as much as the product.

    Especially if I la dee da my way through the process like you did. Let's call that "adventure paining."

  4. You are too funny.. I have to say I have tried to make my own spray before. I just took some alcohol ink and mixed it with water in a spray bottle. It seem to work. But the color was not bold enough for me. Oh well.. Maybe next time I will watch a tutorial. :)

    I think I got my NOREPLY fixed.. I hate computer stuff.. But I love my computer. All my friends are in it. LOL...