Thursday, May 30, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Things seem to be in a bit of a mess this week.
That must mean it's a good week to give thanks.

Whoever invented this needs to have their head examined.
One wrong move and the whole length of tape is out of it's little routine and cannot be used anymore.
Maybe I need to have my head examined for purchasing it. 
I'm thankful I will never buy one again.

Serious mess. As in Mother's day stuff, 
Artwalk stuff, my eldest daughter's graduation stuff and who knows what else is piled here.
It's a dangerous pile. 

At least eight graduation announcements included in the mess. At least. 
I'm thankful for these amazing kids and their progress and that we can share in their lives.

One thing that is not a mess is this page in my art journal.
 It gave me a lot to think about when facing messes.

Messy photo. But the message is good as well.
It helps a lot to give thanks when one is overwhelmed with messes.
Maybe I'll get a henna tattoo this summer with this message on it.
I have heard that tattoos on one's finger don't last very long.
Even the ones with real ink.
I'm still tempted to do it for real, but I would want to change the word every week, so I'll stick to my sharpie.
Always thankful for sharpies.
(They don't hurt as much as tattoos.)

Seriously, how does this happen so fast?
I had it cleaned up last week....
All it takes is one small project and KABOOM! 
I have to say, it's a fun mess, but when I get called away from it before I'm finished, it's still a mess.
Thankful for art. Thankful for a room I can leave an art mess in and walk away from it.

Last week I bought a coke to help the day along.....
This week, I caved and bought into advertising. When you put the words "chocolate, cookie crumble, coffee and summer" together, I'm a gonner.
I think it really helped with all the messes, but I couldn't finish it. However, my dog liked it. (there wasn't that much chocolate in it by then.)
Next thing you know, I'll be buying little umbrellas and stashing coconut rum above the refrigerator to help with messes.
Thankful I won't really buy coconut rum.

Doesn't think she's a mess.
But if you look closely at the choice of footwear, one begs to differ.
Her teacher actually pleaded with her to loose the socks, but SOME one in my family has a sock fetish. The louder the colors on them, the better.
Lord have mercy. What am I NOT thankful about with this girl?
She teaches me patience, how to have a good time, how to be yourself, to laugh,  how to be honest.......

In the car.
It seems to have gotten out of hand and is now following me everywhere.
All though, in all fairness, I have ONCE AGAIN realized school is out a little earlier than I planned. Frantic running around ensues when this happens.
Part of the mess in the car is from the  ever so not so helpful  County Tax Assessor's office. They decided to re-evaluate the property taxes on my deceased mother's house. They then charged me for the property taxes AFTER I sold the house.( and charged the new owner of the house property taxes as well.)  I have filled out all kinds of paperwork and this week I am trying to figure out how to give thanks for being given a letter stating they have recorded the notice of putting a Lien on any and all property that I own. 
Because I didn't pay the second round of re-assessed property taxes on my deceased mother's sold house.
Uh huh.
Makes a lot of sense to me as well.
Hmmm. This one took a while.
Thankful for my realtor. Thankful to  have sold the house. Thankful that my husband didn't blow a gasket when I told him the news about the Lien. Thankful that it will get resolved.

Always a mess.
And every time she is in the car she stares at me like this.
It's quite unnerving.
Oh, dear. Let's see.....
Thankful for, uhhh, hmmm. Well, thankful that she doesn't get sick in the car and that she really does provide some good blog fodder.

So there you have it.
Lots of messes.
Still lots of fun though, even in the midst of messes.
Still thankful in the midst of those messes.

Hope it's a fun, (not too messy) thankful weekend!


  1. What a mess, lol just had to :)
    My goodness it is amazing you didn't down that whole drink and a bottle of rum curl up with miss party and hide. Yikes what a week.
    At least you had those socks to make you smile.
    Oh yes and the finger tats will fade fast keep using that sharpie.
    Don't ya just wanna throw that tape thing across the room when that happens. I do the same every time! Urgh!
    I think we need to meet soon for a coffee STAT!
    Have a great Friday

  2. OH I understand this post, Lynn! I figure I am being taught patience...because I really don't like mess either! That tax stuff is really not fun, but you really are keeping your sense of humor and working hard on being thankful! You inspire me to keep trying, girl! XO

  3. I don't even know where to begin with this one. There is so much swirling around in my head after reading it. The lien part (and actually the double assessed taxes in principle) make my head want to explode. I mean really and truly explode.

    Then, I think of what you said in the rest of this, and it makes the blood pressure come down and makes me smile. I love Miss Bright Socks. We all need to learn to wear what we love and be who and what we are.

    Me? I'm a fellow mess.
    I will begin by giving thanks.

    You inspire me regularly. I'm sorry that I don't regularly tell you so.

  4. Dear Lynn
    Yes I love my stop here it reminds me that we are real women with real lives and messes LOL So awesome you are. Have a beautiful week my friend


  5. I always enjoy reading your Friday rambles. My favorite is the crafty mess in your craft room. I can so relate. Even though I only have a craft cupboard now. That means I have to clean up my mess. Kinda takes away some of the fun. I do hope you have a happy week my friend.