Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I won't bore you with hundreds of photos of my eldest walking to receive her diploma.
But I might tell you how proud we are of her.

I do believe she was a little excited as well!

And that, yes, I did cry. 
Big fat tears rolling down my cheeks as I soaked it all in:
the day, the weather, the back drop, smiles, friends, hugs,  family, the accomplishments....

I'll tell you that she is one happy girl.

Oh, my word. These people are just the best.

I'll  tell you that it was a TON of fun,

and that she isn't quite sure what the future holds....

proud dad..

But not many of us do.
What she does know is that she is loved.
A lot.

photo credit: Carol Shobert


  1. That is so AWESOME!!!
    So happy for your family, I am sure whatever the future holds, it will be great!.

  2. SO exciting...such an accomplishment! Congratulations to all of you! I really love that first photo...pure joy!

  3. I love those photos and it is freaky how like you she is... there is no doubt she is your daughter.... and I would have cried as well... buckets... I already get a bit teary thinking of Phantom graduating in November... and i love that photo of her int he crowd... that one is priceless...xx

  4. Such a sweet post!! That firstborn's graduation means so much, doesn't it? So happy for you! The weather looked fabulous and there were so many smiles all around! Leaving tomorrow for my baby's graduation. Friday he wants to look at apartments to live in as he has a job all lined up. Woohooo! And then... Sunday comes the waterworks as that is when the graduation ceremony is. So many changes but thankfully good ones.. very good ones!!

  5. How exciting. I am loving these cute photos. That one of your daughter holding her diploma is fabulous. Your raised a wonderful daughter my friend.


  6. Congratulations to your graduate, Lynn!! She is so beautiful and looks so much like her mom. This is one of those times when we truly understand the concept of bittersweet, isn't it? I can't remember what her major is/was. What was it?

  7. Wow, what a wonderful post! I love all the photos and how happy and excited everyone is! My favorite is the one of her letting her sister wear her cap, big smiles!! Congratulations, what an acheivement!

  8. What a sweet, happy day for your family, Lynn! Being beautiful and talented your daughter's future holds so many possibilities ! Congrats to you all!!!
    xo A