Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I'm waking up early in the summer to draw seed pods.
It's going from historical to downright ridiculous.
But holy moly, it's fun.
I'm learning so much and stretching myself a ton.

Add a little color...

Do you think these are considered pods if they aren't dried out and brown?
They showed up when I googled Images for seed pods.
Maybe I do like pods after all. 

We are in full summer mode.
Brenna is helping.
She stays up later, I stay up later. 
She sleeps in (for the first time in her life!), I get up to draw seed pods.

this pool party started during the day....

We have done a  little shopping.
Brenna is not a big shopper.
She has told me more than once that she would rather shop for ice cream.

so wish I could wear hats like my girls!

Starbucks is a must in the summer.
But I do believe the Baristas need a little help.
How would one get "Berlin" from Lynn?
Really. Let's try it. 
"What's your name?"
scribble, scribble.
That's what I thought.

at least the coffee was made correctly.

drum roll, please.

This girl has stuck to the deal.
SIX months of making good food choices and getting exercise in five days a week equals tickets to go see Justin in concert.
I'm so excited! No, really, I am.
It should be a ton of fun! 
Brenna has her outfit all picked out.
Should I wear a J.B. t-shirt too?
Ha. Just joking.

It's now 11:00 p.m. 
Seed pods will be calling my name in eight hours and I'm having trouble stringing sentences together so for your benefit and mine, I'll sign off for now.

Have a super weekend!


  1. I loved hearing what you're doing this summer, "Berlin".. tee,hee! Musta been on somethin'(perhaps too much caffeine???) to hear that from your saying "Lynn". Go figure! I do hope you take photos of new self before heading out to see Justin. I bet you look fantastic, girl! Rock it on out... make Brenna proud!!

  2. Berlin sounds very mysterious and exotic! I like it! Im with Brenna...Id rather shop for ice cream.
    Love your ramblings!
    Lisa Dick

  3. I can't believe that the concert is almost here! Way to go Brenna! You are the coolest mom in the world Lynn, I mean Berlin...that is gonna take some getting used to, lol
    Your sketches are amazing, I just adore sketches. Send some of your talent this way, I would love to sketch.
    Here is to a great Friday!!

  4. Your artwork is really lovely! I'm with Brenna...I've had ice cream the last two days...

  5. A pod is a pod is a pod is a pod is a pod, Berlin. Beautiful!

  6. Loving your seed pods. I can't draw a thing when I first wake up. Maybe after a couple of cups of java.. I had to laugh when I saw the name Berlin on the side of the cup. Too funny!!


  7. Berlin? Haha!! too funny! I love your drawing and the colors you used.
    I just think Brenna's photo is adorable! And I like her thinking ;)
    Love Fran T XO