Monday, June 17, 2013

What's On Your Desk, round 2.

How is everyone doing?
How was Father's day?
Ours was glorious, as our eldest made it home.
I love when that happens.
She does too, I'm sure. 
She gets fed and can do laundry.

So, here's what is on my desk:

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

I love this devotional. It hits home every time I open it.

I am continuing with the Lilla Rogers class, Make Art That Sells.
I have moved from seed pods on my desk to...
Yep, you read it right.
This week is all about illustrating for children's books and our subjects are snails.
Did you know they are "on trend" right now?
Me, either.

I was explaining to a friend how this class stretching me.
I have forgotten that I enjoy drawing and sketching. Google Images is my new friend. 
I look up snails, cartoon eyes and illustrated eyes. I'm looking and looking at different ideas. I try something, add a little here and there and then try again. There is freedom in moving through the different sketches. None of the "better get it right the first time" stuff going on. Granted, it's a LOT of self talk, but it's good.

A trndy snail? 

Every time I photograph what I sketch, I see where it can improve, what can be deleted, moved or added.  The eyes here need to stand out a little more. The shell can be rounded a bit more. Different pattern. I do love her personality! I think the shell will need to open and have all kinds of magical things inside. Now you know what I'll be doing at 8 a.m. tomorrow!

Watch out, Justin Bieber, your biggest fan is coming to see you!

These tickets are also on my desk. It's the counter next to the refrigerator, so that counts as my second desk.
Look how excited my eldest is to be going to see Justin Bieber. I think she is more excited than Brenna.
I for one, am practicing my arm wave to "One Less Lonely Girl." 
I think it needs work, as the last time the arm wave was used at a concert that was at the Irvine Amphitheater with James Taylor.
Did I really just say that?

This is not on my desk.
It was in my freezer and it's what was left after Father's day.
It wasn't nearly enough and I had to split it with Brenna and Doug. It is supposed to go with the chocolate cake that Brenna and I made him for Father's day. It really has nothing to do with what is on my desk, but I thought the recipe for the (GLUTEN FREE) chocolate layer cake was so good, I'd at least share the cookbook I got it from, by Cybele Pascal, entitled The Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook. I would show you a photo of the cake, but it's all gone.

If you want to sign up for the heART Coaching class that will be held at my house, June 29, click on the link on the right side bar. 
I wish I could fly all of you out to join us!!!


  1. Best of luck with the class. I am going to check on that post next:) I Just wanted to say how I laughed out loud at your oldest's face in that photo! LOL!! Gosh that is going to be some concert. The best concert I ever saw was Annie Lennox. She was awesome, I hope JB is as great for your girls:) PS I had no idea about the snails being on trend thank you for the tip. I love your sketches and your finished piece, she is adorable. Take care, Fran T XO

  2. Gooood morning, Lynn. This is day one of the great American catch-up for me. I'm woefully behind in reading but happily clicking about on a new computer.

    I hope your arm serves you well at the concert. You made me giggle about James Taylor.

    And I'm feeling the snail vibe with your photos. I love the trendy snail. I also like what you said about noticing improvement needs when you photograph. I have discovered the same thing around the house. Taking pictures has made my home prettier.

  3. OH you girls have fun at the concert! I love your little snail, the hat and personality is so sweet... magical findings under her shell is even better. I would buy that book! I always picked out the kids books by the illustrations first. Somehow, I bet you did too :) I just got caught up on too many posts that I missed. I just love your ramblings, you know I do. Every person that gets to join in on your class and sit in your home and chat with you all day while they make art, well, they are incredibly lucky people! I am vowing that I will not be jealous, but I see the strangest color green traveling up my arm...
    love, t.xoxoxo

  4. Your snails are so fun...love your style! Thanks for the heads up on the gluten free blog, too!

  5. Your snails have me smiling.. They are adorable. Love the photo of the three of you. You daughters face is priceless...