Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I am toast.
Waving a white flag.
I know it's bad when I walk into Starbucks and they scream, "HELLOOOO!" over all the espresso machines and I want to scream back.

All righty, then.

Good this week:
I left Starbucks without being snarky.
I got the laundry done and fed my family this week.
Brenna and I even went to the gym, all though we missed today.
Brenna would say this is good.
The dog has not eaten a door in over two weeks.
And yes, I upped her meds.

Not so good this week:
I did say the laundry got done, but it sat in baskets for a couple of days.
Wrinkled is the new trend, says me.

My friend, Amy keeping me sane this week with text messaging.
Summer mornings.

I found two $5 Starbucks cards left over from Christmas.

Not so good:

My desk from the Make Art That Sells class.
I have cleaned this up over and over this week.
I can honestly say I have never worked so hard in a class before. (Good)
But it's taking it's toll. (Bad.)
Sleep is in order. (Good)

Now I'll present the progression of snails:

at the park

at home. snails are taking over. (not so good.)

Children's book cover for the class:

watercolor, vintage papers, some faber castell big brush pens.

Now to focus on bigger and better things.

J.B., you best be ready, 'cause my girl is comin to your concert!!!

For real.
Like tomorrow.
That girl of mine has done such an amazing, amazing job working for her tickets.

She has her outfit picked out, her nail polish picked out, and is making a sign for the concert that will say, "Justin be my boyfriend."
Now, let me just add here that this is a girl who does not in any shape or form pick out her clothes for any occasion. She could give a rat's patoot. 
And nail polish?
I think someone has taken over my child.
It's purple by the way.
And the sign?
Made it up herself.
I think I'm going to cry just watching how flipping happy she will be.
Maybe I'll start now.


  1. Oh Brenna will shine! Take lots of pictures!

    Ahhh The good and the bad... I love how they blend together into life. Thanks for the glimpses! {{Love}}

  2. Love your ramblings, Lynn...have fun with Brenna!!

  3. That is one cute snail!
    I don't know how I'd feel about having the Biebs for a son in law!
    Have a great time!

  4. Your Art work looks wonderful. I hope you guys had a blast at the concert..