Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On My Desk

In the Lilla Rogers Class, our assignment this week is based on "wall art."
We have to find bits and pieces to make a collage.
Hip, Hip, HOORAY!!!!
Our color palettes are based on our astrological sign.
I'm of the March birth order, or Pisces. (Which I had to look up how to spell. Shows you how much I follow my horoscope.)
My colors?
Pink and Purple.
Enter screeching of brakes and car crashing sound.

Vintage wall paper, fabric, paper, new and old maps from Italy and a gorgeous napkin!

If you know anything about me, I am NOT a pink kinda gal.
But, I took the challenge and began looking around my art room for items of the pink and purple persuasion.
Lo, and behold! I actually came up with quite a few things in my stash.
O.K., four or five, but I think it's a lot.
Then I walked outside and was happily greeted by my Agapanthus, Lavender and Hydrangea bushes.

Which I cut and put in water to bring me inspiration.
I have tried turning my Hydrangeas blue, but it hasn't worked in 11 years.

Then I mosied around some more and came up with an old domino, some buttons and dry cleaning tags and began to paint shades of pink and purple. 
Who knew that they could be so pleasing to the eye?

Then I got out the molding paste and a stencil I made and some paint pens and watercolor crayons...
again, kinda fun!

paper is brown packaging paper

We get our main assignment tomorrow-should be interesting!

Check back on Friday-I will have more on the assignment and more thoughts gathered on how to express the magic of the JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT.
But for now, a little teaser:

Anticipation at it's finest- I love my girls!!!!

See you Friday.


  1. Purple...really?, interesting. I definitely go thru my pink phases but purple? Huh, ya learn something new everyday.
    I do love your swatch sheet it looks super inspiring.
    So glad you made it thru the bieber concert
    I was worried ;)

    Well have fun with your wall art collage can't wait to see the final product cause this one is so up your alley!

  2. I love what you came up with! You are so uber-talented! I looked at that online course but knew I couldn't put the time into it that it required. It's awesome that you are doing it...I want to hear all about it. I expect you are growing by leaps and bounds! So proud of you! ..... And I have been wondering how the concert went. I am looking forward to hearing about that too! Love ya.

  3. It's all about stretching, right?
    Add some aluminum to your soil for those hydrangeas ;)