Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Have you ever had a week that you were so excited for, but was so jam packed at the same time?
The excitement wakes you up early, like 4 a.m. early and somehow you buzz through the day before crashing at 9:00 that night...
And you are up and ready for the next day.
It's gotta be the combination of color and summer. 
Pretty sure.
That, and beginning the week with so much excitement, we could hardly STAND IT!

It began with a little road trip to San Diego with myself and Brenna and her sweet friend, Camila.
And painting our nails purple.

because purple is Justin Bieber's favorite color. Brenna's, too.

Then we worked on a sign for Mr. Bieber.
Brenna has insisted for six months that she would be picked to be the "One Less Lonely Girl."
Six. Months.
I kept telling her that about 20,000 other girls want to be that girl.

Unfortunately, the signs were confiscated before we even got into the Arena.

Try explaining that one.

Enter my brilliant eldest daughter.
She told Brenna that they take all the signs and put them in Justin's motor home, so he can look at each and every one.
The best part?
Disaster averted.

We arrived half an hour before show time, which was 7 p.m.
We had been amped up and ready since 3:00, but who's counting?

We watched as the arena filled with thousands of girls. All ages. Mostly young, to the point where my eldest said she felt old. She is all of 22. I felt positively ancient.
I felt really bad for the couple of Dads that I saw, but figured they were pretty special if they were allowed to accompany their daughters to the concert.

We rented binoculars for Brenna, which was a good and bad thing. 
The concert started at 7:00, with an opening act, which lasted about 25 minutes.
Brenna didn't move from watching that stage the entire time.
Nor did she move from watching the stage as the crew rearranged everything for what we thought was Justin Bieber. 

Except that it was yet another opening act.
I finally sat in front of her binoculars to figure out what was going on.
She was looking for where the Biebs would come out on stage,
waiting for the arrival.
and waiting
and waiting.

Her smile all night, literally melted my heart.
It was a delight to watch all of them.

she's killing me. so. so SO excited!!

About 9:00, a clock on the big screen began a ten minute countdown.
Oh, Lord....
The screaming.
Every time a minute passed, the decibels were raised, anticipation at a frenzy.
And then..then it went black.
I swear to you, I have never heard anything like this in my life!

There he was, in all his musical glory.
Brought down on a wire, dressed in white, with 8 foot wings and aviator glasses.
Holy moly, I am laughing so hard as I type this!!!
It's true.
And my girl?


Worth every penny, every conversation about being the lonely girl, worth every puzzle piece she earned; worth every bloody song I have listened to in the car and on the iPad over and over and over a thousand and one times to see that face split wide open in a smile I have never seen on her before.

It is difficult to put into words what her response was like.
It was magical.
 I know how stinking hard she worked to earn these tickets.
The anticipation of the calendar.
The joy of getting tickets.
Bringing the puzzle pieces on vacation.
Realization of "This is IT!" "IT'S really happening!"

I think I watched Justin Bieber.

But I mostly kept focused on this face.

Brenna waving like mad and screaming something like, "I love you Justin, I want to be the One Less Lonely Girl!"

No. My eldest is not fawning over Justin.
She got pretty emotional over her sister's response.

screaming for all she's worth.

So, thank you, Mr. Bieber.
You sure delivered one whopper of a show and made a dream come true.
O.K., well, almost.
My child didn't make the lonely girl status, and I thought she would break down and cry while you were singing to some other girl....
But she was over it by the next song.

The next morning, I had to wake the girls up in order to make check-out time from the hotel and we
spent the day in the euphoria of rehashing the concert, asking each other how on earth Justin Bieber does it?
Two months off in one year of touring the U.S., Canada and Europe.
Can you even imagine?

We ended up having a very, very late brunch and met a new friend named Lilly.

And goofed around in Ocean Beach with Brenna's friend and my eldest and her boyfriend.

I love these girls...

Next to Brenna's expression at the concert, this had to be my favorite photo.

Until next time...


  1. totally full of emotion just reading this post.
    I could hear and feel the tingle from all those screams. Her face is just priceless.
    I love that Lauren was so emotional for her, what a big sis!!!
    Gosh it is hard for me to breathe and I wasn't even there, I can't imagine what you felt, but I bet it was wonderful.

  2. I don't know if it is hormones or the fact that I'm really beat this week from a variety of things plus the heat, but this post made me cry. I admit it. I got all goofy looking at the pictures, especially the one with your older daughter looking on with "that look".

    You have something really special. I know you know that, but sometimes it might be nice to hear it from an outside observer.

    So I'm telling you now.

  3. OH. MY. I can't stop smiling, Lynn...thank you for sharing it with us!