Thursday, January 9, 2014

Friday Ramblings About Love and Confidence.

I have about twenty minutes to get this out....so I’m gonna ramble fast. I do not guarantee any comprehension on your part, but we always have fun on Fridays, don’t we?

Tuesday I put up a tutorial about a chalkboard and while I was looking at the photos, it occurred to me that the birds were behind bars in my vignette. 
What. Is. That.

My husband even mentioned that the little free motion bird needed to be let out from the chicken wire, so I snipped it and made a hole for him to fly free.
If the birdhouse had a door, it would be wide OPEN, so I'm just going to pretend.

Which led me to think about my word for the year, CONFIDENT.
By the way, a year is a long time to have this word. It has made a massive impact on my life all ready and we are only 9 days into the year. Who knows what the other 356 days will bring?

My husband is a great reminder of this word, as I told him the whole deal on finding our words, etc. He now has a great way of saying to me, “Well, that doesn’t sound very confident to me.” Or, “Now that is a confident voice.” Or “Where’s the confidence in that?” 
356 days to go, my friends.

It’s a big word to step into. Do I pull up my big girl britches and put it on? Do I garner strength from within? Do I pretend it’s there? Do I pray it in, believe it’s a-comin, act like it’s there, go straight to God???? 
Here's a nugget my friend, Debbie, sent me:

"In Hebrew and Greek, as in English, the concept of confidence can be drilled all the way back to the concept of confiding. In other words, we have confidence in God so we confide in Him. Even more, we have confidence in God WHEN we confide in Him."

I think it’s all that and more. Now I'm glad I have 356 days...

Here’s where I do the switch.

I have been working on things for Valentine’s Day. A big step, due to the fact it’s January. Maybe next year I’ll start in September, but no promises. I work better under stress.

I didn’t know where to begin, so I thought, “just start SOMEWHERE!!!”
So began the doodling. It’s taken over a little, as it just keeps coming out.

Introducing the parade of Hedgehogs:

Once I started? Really. They just needed to be drawn. I confess. Even at Bible Study, (see doodle above) but I have NOTES TO PROVE I WAS PAYING ATTENTION. But isn’t he just the cuddliest of the bunch?

This one morphed into a love-drenched cupid. I adore how his nose points up to the sky like he isn’t aware of anything else in the world but looooooove.

Yes, I’m going to print these. I will possibly make cards. Maybe even free motion stitch some of them...I have great thoughts racing through my head. 

FIrst, though, I have to make dinner tonight, get through the weekend, plan a dinner for I’m not sure how many senior kids, their parents, and some of the administrative staff at our house Monday night, aaannnddd....

I get to volunteer at CHA on Tuesday!! I’m working the booth for Charity Wings, so if you are there, stop by and say hello. I’ve never been to this and I’m WAY excited. It’s kinda like being a kid at a huge toy store and you only get to look through the window and someone says, “Hey, kid. Come on in and play!”

Pretty confident it’s going to be a blast.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great word for the year, Lynn!! I need to exercise some of that as I lack a lot of self-confidence in certain areas of my life.
    You're also a very talented artist!!
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
    Mary Alice

  2. Such a great word Lynn. And just look at your drawing. LOVE THEM.. Have fun at the CHA show. I would love to go to one, someday..


  3. Well, I'm just getting around to visiting blogs. I was *confident* that I would be a better visitor this year. So far, I'm not doing so well. When I confided my feeling of being overwhelmed already this year, to God, He whispered...*balance*, Debbie. Now, I'm feeling better.

    So much in a couple of words, yes?

    As to your gift of drawing? I really love it. Did you know that I can doodle exactly one thing? Yep., A Daisy. Sometimes a chain of daisies. That's all. You are so blessed.

    I also love the bird set free in the biggest kind of way!