Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tutorial On Pinterest and Succulents

My dining room table needed dressing up just a bit after Christmas.
I was inspired by Puravida Blog after linking up with Revi last Thursday when she used plants and terrariums to brighten up her winter days.

Terrariums! Brilliant!
 Growing up, they were in our house and I had a little bit of a fascination for them. So easy to do, and even easier to take care of. Now, with all the beautiful glass out there, it's even better and I don't have to use an empty bottle of Mateus Wine to make my own terrarium. 
We'll leave that story for another time.

I went perusing Pinterest and found waaaay more inspiration than a person should have for putting together center pieces, coffee tables, and even making a book into a planter for succulents, which I love. 

HERE is my board on Pinterest for Succulent Love.

(Succulents, that is.)
(Well, old books as well.)
(Let's just throw Pinterest in that list, too.)
(GAAHH. I used sea shells with this, so my life is complete.)

 I think succulents are sturdier than most anything and can also be used in terrariums, all though you have to leave the lid off. Does it still qualify as a terrarium?
Who cares.
It puts together glass and succulents. 
So pretty.

I have several plants in my yard, some I started a long time ago from my mother's original plants.

I also have ceramic bowls that were my mom's as well and realized one in particular had the perfect color for the table.
I mixed and mingled and layered and came up with this center piece:


Get some of this potting mix:

miracle grow moisture control potting mix

Find some containers.

here, I used an old metal container I found years ago at a junk sale. 

If your containers don't have holes, which glass jars do not, find some rocks or gravel.

I grabbed rocks out of our yard.

You can either purchase small succulents at your local hardware store, (Lowe's has little tiny ones for $1.98)
or just break pieces off of a plant in your yard. 

Now you are ready!

Put rocks or gravel in your glass jars and containers that do not have drainage holes, add potting mix, wet the mix just a bit and stick the piece of plant in. 
For the containers with holes, you can skip the part of adding rocks or gravel, add soil and put the piece(es) of plant in.
Really. That's it.

Put one piece of plant in a small container, several in a larger one...

Adding little items in your containers is fun as well. I had some driftwood and a little starfish that  I put in the large bowl.

I used the old mirror I had out for Christmas, added old books for some height and a jar of shells.

With the exception of the soil, which I purchased for another back yard project, I didn't pay a thing for it.
And it was finished in about 20 minutes.
No, really. That's all the time I had, so I was a woman on a mission.

Hope this inspires you as well!



  1. I love the look of succulents...when we lived in California I had the hugest jade plant. Too cold for them outdoors here, but maybe I'll have to try some indoors!

  2. I am struggling to keep my daughters sedum alive after she forgot it at Christmas. It has now been transplanted and hopefully it will thrive until the next time she can come to visit! Thanks for the inspiration as always! love,t. xoxo

  3. OK, I need an answer for this, but first you have to promise not to laugh because I really don't know and am serious. (Seriously blonde too.)

    You just sort of "set it and forget it" after that, right? I mean, you don't have to tend to or water a succulent do you? I'm asking because I might possibly be able to copycat this if the answer is yes.

  4. I used to kill succulents on a regular basis when I lived in Vegas. I am thinking it was to dry there for them. Now you make me want to try again.. There small and they would be perfect for my little living space. Don't you just love pinterest.


  5. I have a fairly black thumb, and I live in a semi arid climate. I have had success with succulents, though I severely neglect them. Your containers are wonderful! They make me want to be a better gardener...:)

  6. I have managed to keep a jade plant alive for 9 months. Love how you set your plants on the tray.

  7. Came over from Revi's to see the succulents. I love the vignette you created with them. I leave mine outside, but after seeing this may I repot some for the house. Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. Hi Lynn,
    You were featured at Thrifty Life Thursday at Revisionary Life!