Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Funfetti Plus Popcorn Equals Yum.

The Bake Sale.
Twice a month Brenna and I look for a recipe that promises taste, fun for us, and sales.
This month we came up with Funfetti Popcorn.
It's popcorn mixed with cake mix.
Uh - huh, you heard me.
Popcorn. Cake. Mix.
Sweet + Salty.
I found two recipes. 
The other, from Sweet Tooth.

I made both recipes, the first using marshmallows, the second using white chocolate chips, each got definite thumbs up all though my favorite was with the marshmallows.
I tend to like rice krispie treats and it tasted similar.
I wasn't a fan of the white chocolate as it was a little too sweet for me.
Could be that I forgot the shortening in the recipe, but let's not go there right now.

I'll walk you through the first recipe.
Pop your popcorn.
(Yes, we skipped the a la natural part and went straight for the microwave bags.
Brenna could do this part all by herself, so that's what counts for our bake sale.)

Make sure all the kernels are out.
Make sure your child understands WHY you are taking the popcorn out of the bowl.
She might panic a little and think you are taking it away.



I used a double boiler for the marshmallows and it seemed to work just fine and actually gave me a little more time.
It gets a little hairy during bake sale days.
Probably because I forget about it until the night before.
This time, who knows what I forgot.

melt the butter and marshmallows,
throw in a little salt and add the 1/2 cup cake mix. 
I did not use the Pilsbury Funfetti mix.
I found a gluten free yellow cake mix and tried that.
Because, lets be honest.

I wanted some.


After it's all melted, pour it over your bowl of popcorn.
Work fast, as it sets up quickly.
I stirred and Brenna put the rainbow sprinkles in.

Now comes the fun part.
Usually for the bake sale, I stick everything in a baggie and call it good.
This would be because it's late at night and Brenna is asleep.
This time we got a little creative and made cones out of parchment paper, stapled them and 
 stamped "Funfetti Popcorn" on the paper.

I promise.
I'm not one of "those moms".
See reasoning above.

I have a great stamp Provo Crafts that I've had for several years.
It's the Circa 18 pts.

Plus, the light in the kitchen was pretty and I decided to get out my DSLR instead of the Iphone.
It's amazing how I'm used to taking photos with my phone and forgetting about the GOOD camera.

We put them in a little metal basket I had lying around and off they went into the fridge until the next morning.

We are good for the month, so if you have a fun recipe, let me know.

We still have February, March and April to go!!!

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  1. sounds like heaven
    salty and sweet, I mean uh YES PLEASE :)))
    Although I would not be able to eat it, my body would curl up in a ball and scream at me for days. LOL
    Can't wait to see what is next on the bake sale list.
    I mean I am impressed at you own a double boiler...really who has stuff like that? ;)

  2. My kids and me (who am I kidding, I will be devouring this) say thank you for the recipe! t.xoox

  3. I love popcorn creations, but I had never seen ones using cake mix. Now, I just happen to have some cake mix in the pantry for another cooking project that I never actually accomplished. I'm trying to think of a very good reason to copycat this, cones and all, and look all "super mommy".

    It was so much nicer when I actually had kids at the house. I'll probably turn my future grandchildren into little porkers because of all of this pent up mommy baking energy.