Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Garland Tutorial

Have you seen these adorable garlands?
I think they have been "around" for a while, but I've never made any.
Until now.
So be forewarned.
It's easy-peasy and addictive.

Which says a LOT for someone who doesn't sew-except for on paper.

Gather up all that old Christmas scrapbook paper.
Yep, you know-the stuff that's been stored for three or four years, "justincaseineeditforsomething".
Here is your something.
While your children are watching Elf or the Santa Clause movie for the 10th year in a row,
take out your circle punches. 
I used larger,  2 inch and 3 inch punches as these will be hung from a ceiling.
In the new house. For the holiday market. On the 13th.

Punch away.
I don't mind this step. Some don't like it.
The step I don't like is keeping the garland from getting tangled.

Get out your trusty sewing machine and put in coordinating thread. Or not. Who cares.
I have seen on some sites where they put masking tape on either side so the stitch stays centered.
hah ah ahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Life doesn't stay centered very often, so I like this approach.
Pull a long length of thread before you begin-you will use this to tie your garland onto whatever you hang it from.
Run the cut out circle and stitch somewhere in the middle.
Keep going and pull just a bit as the needle is running, maybe an inch or so and feed the next circle in.

Continue until a) your thread breaks, or b) you think it's long enough.
If your thread breaks and it's not long enough, don't despair. Just start again with the circle that the thread broke off of and pretend it's the beginning.

Make sure you pull a long length of thread at the end so you can finish hanging.
I'm keeping it on an old post that was from my father's garage until I get it hung. I would imagine draping it over hangars would do the trick as well.


From punches on the couch to quick-stitched goodness.

Can you imagine the possibilities?
Layered tissue, stars, squares, arrows.........

You could use magazines, old books, sheet music. 
Endless possibilities!

Put these on the tree, across the ceiling, on the patio, wrap up your gifts, your kids....

 Whatever you do with them, just make sure you have fun!


  1. So cute! My daughter-in-law made these for my daughter's baby shower. They were charming...you do have to be careful not to let them tangle...

  2. VERY cleaver and sweet…thx for sharing…enjoy your holiday season! june

  3. I just (finally) made paper garland for the first time! I didn't put any space between my circles because I wasn't sure how....I didn't realize you could sew 'nothing'! Ha - thanks for explaining that detail :)