Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sometimes Dreams Change

Dreams change.
Ours was to move Brenna into an assisted living home in Laguna Beach in the coming year.
We were ready.
We looked for ways to rent, move, buy a trailer, whatever it took to move down to the beach area.
My dream. Our dream.
It changed. 
It looks like this now:

It's not the O.C., I can tell you that much.
And it's nowhere near the beach.
Instead, it is smack in the middle of community that's been forged over 29 years.
Our dream now looks like a 1956 ranch-asian fusion-orange-and-avocado-tree property.
Complete with 5 different floorings and two different ceilings and a 100 yr. old oak in the back.

This is our new dream.
A dream where I /we have been impressed to dig in and stay: to "drive the tent pegs deep". 
(isaiah 54:2)
To gather and bring community together.
 We will gut and demolish. Build different dreams, different rooms, make new ideas come to life.

So I'm inviting you in.
I'll be showing at the Redlands YMCA Holiday Fine Art and Craft Boutique Dec. 6-7 and on 
December 13 from 10:00-4:00 
I'll put on a fire in the massive fireplace, have some coffee ready and invite you over to shop some unique and beautiful creations that I will be showing along with others.
Gorgeous crocheted items, amazing repurposed art, vintage aprons and pillows, hand made jewelry and more.
We will gather.
It's part of the new dream.


  1. Sometimes gut and demolish is the way to go...a fresh start! Hope you have a wonderful time with the boutique!

  2. I'm so out of the loop that I'm not sure what it is that you are doing with the house. Is it for Brenna or your art or you? I really and truly hate being this blonde. I even dyed it darker in recent months, but it has not helped that much. Sighing.