Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Word Of The Year

Word Of The Year.
Also known as 
(who knew?)

I caught on to this about three years ago. I can't stand New Year's Resolutions. I LOVE words and a word for a year seemed more personal and less like an unknown someone standing over me with a pointed finger saying, "You're not sticking to your resolution."
So I picked a word.
I wasn't clear what to do with this word, but I liked it's definition:
an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
 and I liked the way it sounded in Italian- intenzione.

I made it into a sign so it would be a reminder to me of how I desired to live that year.
WITH intention. PAYING attention. Focusing.

It came and went over the year, but the sign always drew me back to my original thoughts and seemed to have a gentle and quiet way of drawing me back to living intentionally. It expanded it's definition in my life over the months and became a back bone of sticking with decisions, believing in my actions and my dreams and how I loved others.

The second year, the word was surrender. It was a tough one, but I needed it. 

I would tentatively pick it up and hold it and look at it and think about it through out the year, wanting very much for the word surrender to mean something beautiful in the outcome of holding my hands open instead of the feeling of being stepped on in the act of surrender.

At the end of 2013, during a beautiful bike ride in San Diego, I came up with my word for 2014:

That's a balls-y word to me.
Could I do it?
Could I develop it over the year?
I decided yes and enveloped the word Confident into my life.
Some one on Instagram gave me the latin break down of the word early on in January and I have had it taped up next to my sign all year:
con: (assertive) with
fident: latin is federe or TRUST

So, not just trust that I can do things, but TRUST that my Heavenly Father has all good intentions for me and promises to guide and direct me. He never changes, and there is no shadow of turning in Him. The best One to have trust with!
It's meaning has morphed over the year, which isn't surprising, as that's what these words tend to do.
I have been more confident in defining my abilities as an artist, in trying new things, applying to new shows. The word confident has been in my face even during the season of a broken shoulder, when art work basically came to a stand still. 

I have used it in sentences in my head when making decisions, rolling the word around to see how it feels, how it makes me feel. 
I love it.

This year, my word is 
 It's the best. I love everything about it and what it conveys.
Bringing people together. 
Bringing beautiful things to be in one place. 
Gathering around a table for a meal, to make art, to have coffee and talk.
It's a word that says, "Come on in!" "Welcome!" "Come as you are!"

I haven't made a sign yet, but it's coming as I prep this week for the upcoming class!

Doug and I can't wait to GATHER at our new Summit House and we can't wait to see what happens when we do. 
So we have begun gathering there before we have even found an architect! 
An art show with old and new friends, Christmas day with friends, a sleep over with a fire in the fireplace, New Year's Eve with friends, young adult's group, it's the best. Throw the doors open wide!!

This New Year, I'm gathering people at the Summit House to find their word for 2015.
I'm partnering with my friend and Life Coach, Sue Robson to bring an evening of friendship, fun, painting, dessert and coffee and we will help your bring your word to life.
We would love you to join us!
Our first night has sold out, so we are offering another class on  Friday, January 23rd. 
Won't you come? Gather a friend or two, gather your daughter, gather your spouse or significant other, gather yourself and meet new friends.

Sign ups are HERE
It's $35 for the night, all supplies included and no artistic experience needed.

Thank you for following me in 2014~ I'm looking forward to GATHERING through the blog in 2015!
Happy New Year, my friends!


  1. intention, surrender, confident, and now gather. I have seen and am still seeing these live out in you. I love you and look forward to gathering with you in the new year.

  2. Gather is a superb word.... It suits you perfectly and I think you already hath people and ideas together so naturally... Just lovely to see it as a focus

  3. The signs you made just look so good really! I love them so much! IT is nice to choose a word for each year! And I liked your word confidence! We all have to trust in God because no one know's what He is up to, except He himself. He is in control of everything and He can guide us. Good luck in the coming year and God bless!

  4. Love your "Words" and you have chosen them so well.