Tuesday, June 29, 2010

create: to evolve from one's own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.

More fun to show you today! 

Ah, yes. The soldering iron.
Have you tried one? I really enjoy what can be done with them.

I visited my friend, Susie a couple of weekends ago and across from her sweet store is the best thrift store, ever!!! I found this amazing dictionary that was published in 1934,

It is chock full of beautiful print and images.

My sisters and I poured over it while we had lunch.

And now the images are caught between glass.

It was such a beautiful afternoon, I expanded my creative space even more. Lauren had the great idea to work outside. Wow. Now we can really spread out!

Then she found her beach glass that she got from Half to Have It, located in Half Moon Bay.

Her creative genius kicked in and off she went!!

Pretty cool, yes?

One problem. My soldering tip burned a hole through itself. What????
Yup. I went to the hardware store and tried to find a replacement. Ha ha. I ended up buying a new one for $15.00.
It also burned a hole through it's tip.
Now it's a mystery I really need to solve 'cause I have a whole dictionary to put between glass!!!
Have a great day...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Create (kre'at)

I do believe the creative juices are flowing again!!

And it feels GREAT!

After looking at some of the "Where Bloggers Create" sites, I saw one that had a sweet "Escape" banner over her door and thought it sounded like a good idea to make one.
Can I recall which site? Nooooo. Forgive me if it's YOU and leave me a comment so I can link everyone back to YOU!

The word "Escape" sounded like a fabulous theme.

Being summer and all...

Plus, I hung it over the door of my "art room".

Now, that's a great place to escape!

It's a simple banner.
 Seeing as how I haven't created in a while, I wanted to make sure I got it finished.

Lauren told me it reminds her of the part in Finding Nemo where he says the word escape as, "es-cah-pay".
Anyone remember that?

Anyway, it beckons me to my room. To run away for a bit and lose myself in creating.

Today, where will you "es-cah-pay??"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Newport Beach Art Fair

Newport Beach Art Foundation
Annual Art Fair
Do's and Don'ts

Do bling out your Mah Jong tiles. It helps when a gal from a Mah Jong league sees them and really likes them!

Don't go haywire in front of a customer when they purchase a collage.

Do make new friends.

This is Gladys and she is from Cuba. We love her. We really want her to be our grandma. 

Nobody cussed at us at the bathroom this time, so I didn't have to hunt anyone down and threaten to wash their mouth out with soap.

When you ask your amazing daughter to help set up and she has to get up at 6 a.m. to drive to the art fair with you,
DO get her Starbucks on the way out.

Do back away from the table and let your creative daughter set up all the goodies.

Short and sweet today, as we were actually busy and I didn't have hours to fill just taking pictures. 
Thank goodness!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create


Thank you so very much for visiting Blueskies. I am happy to have you here! Many thanks to
Karen Valentine for hosting this fun party. This is my second year to attend this wonderful extravaganza. You will meet so many creative, talented and kind people at this party. Can you imagine what it would be like to all gather in person? Wow.

I'll begin my tour with a little story.
 Three years ago, I was sent on a weekend away (alone) for some much needed rest by my sweet husband. He and I have both found that if I can get away to the ocean and he can spend time with our girls, we work better together. The girls have a blast, I rest and recuperate. This particular weekend I came home to a big surprise. My husband and eldest daughter met me at the door and had me close my eyes and walked me to the "office" in our house. When I opened my eyes, I was stunned beyond belief. Gone was all of my husband's books, files, papers and work. In it's place was all of my art supplies. Gathered from around the house and various closets and the garage, all the supplies were put into the office, now re-named the Art Room. Or, affectionately known as "The Spot."

What a gift! A space of my own. It didn't matter if I left it in a tornado overnight. It didn't matter that I spilled paint on the tile. (It wipes up, anyway!) A place to put all my treasures, all my supplies. I sat down on the couch and couldn't talk.

That aMAZing husband of mine took all sign of himself out and put all of me in. He moved all his office things into our room and made a sweet spot of his own, complete with desk, and in so doing, just about handed me the world.

I confess, I didn't clean it up, as I have an art show to get ready for tomorrow and if I put things away before the show, I will forget about them and leave them behind. Plus, I am realizing after all these years, I'm o.k. to not be a neat freak here.

Instead, I am o.k. to dream. I am o.k. to create, relax, fail and have fun.

It has fast become one of the favorite rooms of the house. We have a small t.v. and sofa bed on the opposite wall from my desk area, and the girls will join me in one way or another-doing art or watching a movie while I am working.

Sometimes we will move an extra table in the room, just to have more table space. Or, we will just plop on the floor and use that.

It is amazing to me after three years, as my dreams grow, my need for shelf space grows! Right now I find myself putting projects in different piles on the floor. Or, I have re-graduated out to shelf space in the garage!

On the days when we want to spread out a little more, we will head for the kitchen table. I consider that my second art space as my girls grew up doing crafts in the kitchen, or the dining room.

It's nice in the summer because of the abundant light and if the kids want to swim and I want to work, I can watch them from the window.

Besides my kids and dogs, these are my two other trusty companions:

Computers and coffee!
The kitchen table is one of my favorite projects that Lauren and I did together. We decoupaged all sorts of beach-theme paper and photos on to the paper, added stamps and ephemera and I bought a piece of glass to protect it.

Summer is one of Brenna's favorite times to pick up art work during the year.

So, that's my creative space. It is overflowing to the whole house, and out the doors to different places! What a blessed life!

Thanks so much for stopping by~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Creativity

Well. I didn't think I could get ANY creating in this week. But I persevered!! Yes. I dragged things out and worked 1/2 hour intervals and left my kitchen and work room a mess until the next half-hour. Isn't it interesting how the rest of the house goes to pot when you create? I mean, honestly. How ridiculous is that?
 Instead of laundry, I soldered.

and I soldered some more.

Instead of dishes, I made pins. (Really. For two days everything got stacked into the sink)

I haven't made my bed.

And the floors? Have Mercy.

But there are cute things in the world now.

That's got to count for something, right?

I even framed my collage this morning, and I am rather liking it.

Before I go, I want to remind you to come back on SATURDAY!!! I am participating in a "Where Bloggers Create" through Karen Valentine.

If you hop over to Karen's blog on SATURDAY,
you will be able to see tons of blogs and where we women create. It will be a ton of fun!!
I did it last year and met some wonderful people (as always), and saw some really awesome and amazing spaces that women carve out to be able to express their creativity.

I'm off to my niece's graduation today and Saturday is the art fair at Newport Beach.
Wish me luck!!!