Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keep Calm And....

When the Geek Squad tells you that your laptop needs to be replaced, you keep calm and blog anyway you can.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

On Being Brave.

What do you think it takes to be brave?
Determination, knowledge, strength or maybe being fearless?

Sometimes it takes asking, 
showing up, 
a willingness to learn
 and the ability to ignore the negatives.

It takes listening to a little dream that kept whispering, "Gather. Just open the door and see what happens."

Three amazing women came through my door today.

A young mother and her daughter, a friend and myself.
What would I teach?

I had some loose ideas that began with color and stencils.
So we brought out the sprays and began our journey.

We sailed bravely into new waters of stencils and ink.

We hauled out the mod podge and dropped anchor there for a bit.

We learned that an 11 yr. old can teach much more than we imagined and is naturally brave because she isn't 20 and full of fear and comparing.

We talked about releasing and needing space to do so.
About not thinking of our pages but just putting color down and trying.

We took half an hour and braved our handwriting and made it beautiful.

We had so much fun, we didn't even stop to eat or get coffee.
For Real.
We taped up a color wheel and learned a little bit about complimentary colors and choosing two or three and sticking to it. Which is brave because one wonders if one has chosen the right colors.
We went nuts and used whatever the heck colors we wanted. Which is also brave, because what if you don't like how it turns out?

We didn't care and we didn't mind.
Because today?
We were brave.

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