Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Continuation Of This Crazy Little Thing Called Life

My hope is that as you read this that you are safe, dry and warm. So many, many people out of power, under water and under snow on the east coast.... 

I thought it would be fun to make little tiny paintings and encase them in tiny glass slides and solder them together for the next art show.

Which is Saturday, November 3, 10-4!! Click on the link for all the info...

I have this new addition to the house....a fabulous- such -a- deal table that my team mate, Robin found for me. Thank goodness for Iphones. I got a call from her while she was at the JCPenny outlet. That led to her texting me a photo, which led to me calling her back and saying, "Are you positive? $50.00 for that table?????" Now it's living in it's new home here and we have thoroughly bonded this table and I.
 Oh, yes. That can happen.
Tell me furniture does that to you. It makes you giddy and happy, and you know it's just right. It fits right in, does it's share of work and more, looks wonderful and just KNOW it needs to be in your home.

I actually had time to work on the necklaces while Brenna was down with the stomach flu and working on the table was amazing. So much ROOM!!! 

Speaking of Miss B,
she bounced back just in time to go to the Homecoming Dance.

She kills me, this girl. 
So stinking cute in her sparkle skirt and curled hair.

I wish she would let me do this to her hair more, but she is a wash-n-go type of a gal.
We had so much fun getting her ready. I had done her eyebrows-we use a Nair-like product just in between the brows, and I was having so much fun curling her hair, I forgot to take it off and well, it was pretty red. She let me put a little cover up on it, and then she let me put on some blush and THEN...I stopped at just a teeny bit of eyeshadow. Oh. My. Word. 
So, so cute.

We met up for dinner with her class mates and their parents. It was the best time. 
Just a little evening when all was right, when all was a little "typical".
 A group of friends doing the high school scene: 
Dinner out and then the big dance, talking and laughing. Even though it was with the parents... I think we had just as much fun as the kids at dinner, but I know my child was glad I didn't go to the dance.

This photo would have testified to that sentiment if I had taken it three seconds earlier. 
I had asked Brenna to stop before she went into the gym for a photo and let me tell you what, if looks could kill, I would have been slain on the spot.
Luckily, she pulled off a smile for a half a second, I snapped the picture and she wooshed right past me and that's the last we saw of her. She landed in the middle of the dance floor in the sea of bodies jumping with their hands up in the air.

It was a good night.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I think this ramble will be full of questions...
For instance.
Would you like to know how to have a really, really good time and feel like you belong?
Go bowling.

But make sure you go with people like this:

We attended a FUNdraiser for Camp Footprints, the summer camp Brenna attended this year. There is nothing quite like hanging out with these fabulous people-staff and campers alike.  Brenna and I bowled with two young women we had never met before, but felt like we had been friends with them for forever. We cheered each other on for THREE games, gave each other advice on bowling strategies and just generally had a blast.

Have you ever done some updating to your home? 
Have you done the updating while doing three shows? 
Have you done said updating while your child has the stomach flu?
No? It's a real kick in the pants. 

I will say I'm grateful for the worst of it hitting during the day. Usually it's 
in the middle of the night...why IS that?
 I'm seriously hoping this bypasses the rest of us. I remember when my girls were little, washing my hands in Lysol. I think one night I had to wash my feet as well. Don't ask. It was a bad night.
Our kids, when sick, usually end up in bed with me. I used to think it was better this way so my husband could get some sleep and be able to go to work in the morning,
I'm should have changed that program from the beginning.

Unfortunately, this bug hit during Spirit Week at school and Brenna only made it to two of the days to dress up.

Princess Leia

Team Slytherin

Air compressors for nail guns are noisy little buggers, aren't they?
Man, I wanted to try that tool in the worst way as our contractor was putting molding around the kitchen windows.  It makes the best sound (the nail gun, not the compressor) and is so efficient.

How much do you go to Goodwill?
I haven't been for a while, but with trying to find outfits for Spirit Week at school and Halloween, I have been there quite a bit. 
I found these:

They have nothing to do with Spirit Week or Halloween, but they matched what I was wearing much better than my black sandals. And it's fall. (well, it was for three days.)  I need something besides sandals...

Do you ever watch the show, Parenthood? I love it. Kristina announced to her family this week that she had breast cancer and I cried with her whole family. I don't usually cry like that over stuff in movies. Well, except the movie Ramona and Beezus had me boo-hooing like there was no tomorrow. I read all the Beverly Cleary books to my eldest and I love, loved that time in her life. The movie made me so nostalgic, I found myself in the bathroom in the theater crying so hard and listening to everyone say how cute the movie was. Didn't they know it was an end to a beautiful era?
Wow. This ramble is getting too strange.. I'll sign off for now and wish everyone good health and a great weekend!

P.s. don't forget your flu shot!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Aftermath, Part II

The first show was finished and I found myself with six days until the big, three day show called Art For Heaven's Sake.

Having never participated in a show this big, I completely forgot about how God sees me and all those who love and support me and had myself in a nice knot of neuroses. Which SO weren't helped by getting my bangs trimmed and having them be too short. I texted my blog friend, Amy, a picture of my hair and my woes and she kindly asked if I felt like I was 9 years old again. Boy, did she nail that feeling!!!!!! She talked me off of that ledge and I went back to get them "fixed." Why does this never, ever, ever happen until a big to-do??? Good thing they grow fast.

Nevertheless, I kept gathering and painting, gathering and painting.
(and pulling on my bangs)

The big day came to load up my art and neuroses, set up and start the the show.

My stupendous support team showed up, shored up my rattled brain and I began to have a good time.

My sweet friend, Robin. She and her husband came in the cold to help set up, she sat in the sun with me all day Saturday and they came in the heat to help me tear down.

Little paintings on old books tied up with vintage seam binding that was sent by my friend, Linda.

to my new friend, Janie.

The committee that put on the art show was amazing! The music was fun and festive, there were demonstrations, and over 60 artists participated. 

It began with on a chilly Friday evening, full of music, hors d'oeuvres, and twinkle lights. 

Set up and ready to go, I got a question that had me quickly rearranging my booth. "Are we allowed in here?" 

This table was moved to the side, "allowing" more traffic into the booth.

I was in the garden section, which was quite fun. Except when the sun decided to come out and play for the weekend and heated us up over 90 degrees.
It was waaay better than rain all weekend.

 It was hard to see it go!!

I got the best surprises this weekend. My Brave Girl Sister, Julie came from San Diego to visit. What a treat. Nothing like seeing a fellow Brave Girl and being able to wrap your arms around her for a great big hug. Isn't she amazing?

On Sunday, I  had a visit with a special friend, Jean Kimm. Jean was my eldest daughter's kindergarten teacher and she is a much loved person She has bravely battled Scleroderma since 2002 and never ceases to encourage or amaze me.

I love using these old suitcases...they are good for transporting, storage and showing.

(still available.)

My sister stopped by and when I told her what a roller coaster of emotions the last three days had been, she recounted the story of Sally Fields winning her oscar. Sally, holding the award said, "you like me, you like me!!" It's fairly similar. I like my creations. The thought that someone else might as well is one that brings out excitement, nerves, serious doubts and neuroses, and a general feeling of anxiety. When someone does validate my creations, and they really connect with them, I am beyond happy. I am content. It's a sketchy line of creating because that's what I'm meant to do and creating with the intention that others will like it. An ongoing battle, to be sure.

I love this:

an impromptu Tai-Chi lesson in the sunshine.

One of my new artist friends, Rebecca. What a doll! Stop by her blog for her story on getting to the art show. It's a doozy.


Here is to doing what we know we are meant to do. To stretching our wings and safe landings, not feeling like our 9 year old self, and being brave and accepting help. To being vulnerable and loved. To new days and new Mercies.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Aftermath...

I have to say, these last two weeks have been an amazing ride as far as energy, emotions and keeping a family together are concerned. As in any roller coaster, I'm glad to get off and get my feet on the ground and make the dizziness stop. But I'll be ready to get back on pretty soon!

Collected Intuitions at Jenny Doh's Studio was a whirlwind. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that packed out her studio space. The love and support of family and friends who came out to see all the artists was beyond affirming. To me, it was a wave, rising up and carrying 10 artists to a ledge we have never known before.

Here's the deal.
I know we, in general and as believers, are not supposed to care what people think of us. It's how God sees us that matters. 

I'm beginning to realize, however, that He sends people to our lives to help us see ourselves as He sees us....loved, worthy, a mess but so loveable, insecure but happy to be with us...

..and when these people drive a long way to support me, or just come to a show because they love me, it's a mighty humbling experience.

And when they talk me off the ledge of insanity, and help me sit on the ledge that's a little sturdier,

I realize that the hands and feet of Jesus are here on earth.

Louise Bearzi
The other realization I have had is that having spent quite a bit of time with other like minded artists baring my soul, being real, being accepted into a new group, hating your work, thinking in silence together, encouraging one another, and loving what you are doing with a burning passion is a pretty cool deal.

And having it all culminate in a glorious night full of song, people, and art? Icing on the cake.

To be continued...