Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I have good news for you on this Friday Rambling.
I have an easy way to give yourself a black eye.
Really easy.
First, go to the local mini-golf course with your child's class and spend five hours in the heat playing laser tag, mini-golf, walking an inner tube up the water slide for your child, and then play more laser tag because it's so darn much fun.
Second, go home and page your husband and promptly collapse on the bed under the fan.
Third, when the phone rings, grab it as fast as you can because in 30 seconds you will have begun to fall asleep.
Fourth-this is important. Drop your phone directly on your cheekbone. 
Then next morning you will have all KINDS of attention.
From your husband, who is peering at your face first thing in the morning while you are making a turkey sandwich for your child and says, "What happened to your face? Is that a bruise on your face?" Or from your best friend, "you look like a bad-ass!"
Then again, your child's teacher, "I was wondering what happened!"
The added delight is that your dark circles will be enhanced. Yes, you too can have dark circles on ONE side of your face that extend almost a full inch. For FREE. 
Plus, you can look totally cool when you put on your leather jacket. Except if I were to do that right now and look even more "bad", I would be sweating and then what ever make-up I have on to cover the bruise would come off and then I would be left with a looooong, dark circle under my eye.
But, who knows? You could be the first on your block to have the easiest make over ever.

On to bigger and better ramblings.....

Meet the eagle:

Now, THIS guy is BAD.
He is huge. Gargantuan.

Every day, Brenna and I eye this eagle on the way to school. One day I pointed out to Brenna how eNORmous those claws were.

Absolutely HUGE.
We were in Awe.

Then, me, being the bad girl that I apparently have become said, "Brenna. One day, we have to touch the claws on that eagle." To which Brenna replies, "O.K., sure!" 
That's my girl.

And so we did.
One day after school, I said, "Brenna," I said, "girl, it's time. It's time to touch the claws on the eagle." Only Brenna didn't think so. It was hot and she wanted to go home and get a snack. But I persisted. "Brenna. REALLY???? This is our chance. Let's do it. Let's get out and GO TOUCH THE CLAWS"!!!
She agreed, cause she's bad that way.

But, she is very, very brave. 
It so happened she had her school shirt on. PERFECTION!!! Eagle meets eagle.
And claws were conquered.

Which we felt pretty darn good about!!!
Plus, she had a great story to tell at school the next day.

Happy Friday!

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now it's getting ridiculous because I'm having so much fun taking pictures on my phone for Fridays and I'm not taking any of them off..........

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Tour Hits L.A.

We went as a family to see the Sketch Book Tour.
It was held at the most obscure little gallery on Sunset Blvd. in downtown L.A., called Iam8bit.
(No, that's not a spelling error.)

(Please excuse the quality of the photos. In the midst of packing for the day, I promptly left the house without my good camera and had to rely on my iphone!)

I was overwhelmed and excited, and weepy. Maybe even all at once.
I was a slight nutcase about getting my "Library Card" to check out books to look at and checking out my very own book.

There it was.
A part of something big.
By the time the tour is completed, my little book will have traveled the United States.
I was hesitant to give it back.

This is where the weepy part comes in.

This silly little book is such a part of me.
I hope that when people look at it-and it's a random choice if they do- that they will be filled with hope and rejoice over beauty in life.

I looked at other books as fast as I could before the exhibition closed.
They were stunning.

They told stories, shared hopes and showed great abilities at being ultra creative.

Brenna had fun at the coloring table.
If you color a postcard, you get to pick out which state it goes to and then you get to pick out a postcard that someone else did and designated for L.A.

It was an amazing experience looking at art from all over with people you don't know.

Many thanks to all the people that travel with the tour and load up books and work computers and keep our beautiful extensions of ourselves in perfect condition.

If, by chance, the tour stops in your area, (check here.)
You won't regret it.

It's a cool thing to do.

It's also free.

Even better,
Order your book HERE, and join in the fun for next year!

pssst...Carol, it's in Oakland from June 1-17!
and, Debbie, it's in Georgia Aug. 29-Sept. 1. I made a postcard and stamped it for Georgia. Hope you get it!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I like the first Gladiolas of the year.

I like that no matter what we do in the yard, or what the weather is, they come back every year.
I like that it's not 100 degrees today, and I like that I wake up to birdsong every morning.

I like that Phil Phillips won American Idol. I had him picked from the very beginning. 
I'm really liking that we decided to get tickets and go see the top ten on tour! We have never done something like that.

I'm liking this kid.
I like that on the way to choir, she changed her mind and went to see "Econ" day in the gym that the seniors put on.
I didn't like it so much when I heard about it yesterday.
But today...I like that she's a pioneer in our family. No one has ever gotten detention for ditching class around here.
I like that I had to tell her what "ditching class" meant.

I like that she is so comfortable at her school, she makes choices like that.
I'd like it if she went to class, but every once in a while, it's good to try something new.
It's a good lesson to learn.
Not sure why I keep being surprised by her, but I do.

I am really, really liking listening to Lady Antebellum today.
Especially this song:

Hope your Friday is sweet.


end of the week Iphoto:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sketchbook Tour 2012

Daughter number one is safely deposited to her new digs.
Mom is still standing.
Sister is all ready asking when eldest is coming home.
Mom might falter a bit.

This weekend the Sketchbook Project tour comes to my neighborhood.
We are planning a little day trip to the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art and then over to a place called Iam8bit on Sunset Avenue to view the books.
Here is the Facebook link to view more information.

I am SO excited to see the tour.
I need some inspiration in a big way.
I received my rather empty, rather full of stark white pages new Sketchbook.

Needless to say, it's a little daunting to begin a new book after completing my last one.
I'll have to decide on more of a theme for this one. "Sketchbook" is what I signed up for, thinking I would stretch myself with drawing more. 
Should be interesting. Maybe I'll get a new pen for the project. Nothing better than a brand new Micro pen....
or two, since they come in different colors.

I could go to the Dick Blick Art Store. 
 I LOOOVE that store. Plus, the only one I know of is where my eldest is.
I'll have to go tomorrow, as I have to get started on this new project.
Yeah, that's it....

Oh, all right...I don't think she is expecting a visit this soon from me, either.
 Looks like I will have to put on some good tunes, grab a bunch of paint and paper and dive in!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday again.
Time to raaaaamblllllle.
Maybe just ramble.

Have you ever seen something in a store that called to you?
Something along the lines of, "Psssssst...TAKE ME HOME!!!"
Upon looking at the item, you just know. If you don't take it home, you will regret it. For days. Sometimes it can even turn into a legend.
I didn't want that to happen.

I know, right? She's sweet and petite and in perfect condition.

This weekend, it's happening.
My eldest is moving O.U.T.
She will only be 2 hours away, but my mind and heart are a jumble of emotions. Just a jumble.
I remember moving out. 
My mom was not so happy about me moving out. She preferred I live at home. Forever.
So, she kinda didn't speak to me the day I moved out.
It was a very strange day.
 Now the time has come for my child to move out, I feel like I don't have much to look back on and give her wisdom. Except for one word-GO.
Maybe two-Go baby, go and soar!!!
(o.k. 5)
But it will be good. And she is so. so. SO very excited.
I'm excited for her, really. No, really I am.
At the same time, I will hate not having her to pal around with during the summer.
 I do remember not wanting to pal around with my mom after a a certain age....
Ahh, my child.
Personally, I think she is fabulous.
 She's growing up, becoming independent, getting a full time job, living in a great place...oh, and she wants us to visit. How cool is that? I don't even care if she asks us to visit because all she really needs is a paid trip to the grocery store. I'll go visit.

I remember when she turned one, I was sobbing on the phone with my best friend, lamenting the fact that we brought this amazing, beautiful child into the world just to raise her to be independent and move away. Now here I am. Doing just what I dreaded.
Go me.

I'll tell you what helps...
Finding wallpaper next to the sweet, petite luggage.
A roll big enough to paper a 7x10 foot room for $10!!
Not that I'm going to paper my home in orange, brown and avocado green, but it will look killer on canvas with paint all over it.

Plus, it takes the sting off the inevitable move of my first born. 
A little.

Rambling on....
Do you dread the last two weeks of school?
It seems there are a thousand activities all crammed into the last ten days before we have our kids home for the summer. 
Well. At least I'll have ONE of my children home this summer.
She likes the beach and the pool, so we're good.

But before that, we have chapels, and we are starting a Best Buddies chapter at the High School, a choir concert to attend, a new superintendent to meet, throw in a bridal shower and a class outing, a game day a big move, (I think I may have mentioned my eldest is moving...) and then we can say the end to sophomore year.

I brushed Miss Party yesterday and ended up with enough fur to stuff a small pillow.
She detests brushing. I would think she would like it and feel better, but noooooo.
She shivers and shakes and avoids me like the plague.

I haven't deleted any photos from my phone yet.
Or my computer.
I keep threatening to do it while I'm watching American Idol, but I wrote this post instead.

Now that I'm looking at these wall paper photos, I think they are too blurry. I thought maybe my glasses were dirty, but I'm pretty sure they are blurry. If I make them smaller, maybe you won't be able to tell. Blurry pictures are a big no-no in blog land. 

I think I'm finished rambling.
I'm going to go stare at my eldest for the next 48 hours and memorize her face instead of retaking photos of my wall paper.
Please forgive me.