Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art Every Day Month-day 30 and a Linky Party!!

The LAST day of Art Every Day Month!!!

Another addition to my Sketchbook Project.
I wasn't so sure about it last night.

But it is always better the next day in different light...

I did this page to kick off my
"Take Good Care of This Moment"

And to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed Art Every Day and met some wonderful artists, and will miss the daily check ins!

So, let's talk December.
It can be a mad rush to keep up with everyone and the radio constantly telling us we only have __ shopping days left.
It can be an utterly heartbreaking month where things go horribly wrong and they just aren't supposed to in December.
It can be exhausting keeping up with all the kid's parties and festivities and school programs, not to mention our own get togethers.
It canbe a month with sweet, cherished moments.
It can be a month where we take a couple of minutes and post about a moment we took good care of,
and then encouraged others with that moment.
Which is what I'm aiming for!

I'm learning to "Take Good Care of THIS Moment".
Whether it is a sweet, cherished one, or a rather difficult one.
For instance:
On vacation last week, I saw the sweetest little girl dancing with the waves on the beach.
She wore multicolored striped leggings that stopped at the ankles and a florescent pink skirt with a top that had the Superman emblem on it. Plus, it had a CAPE.
I took such good care of that moment and stopped to remember the joy of walking in the sand, the squeals of my girls when they were little and the water surprised their toes. I stopped to cherish the time I had to build sand castles with Brenna that day. I have cemented it in my heart and mind for forever, and it is a wonderful memory to have to look back on.

Or, for instance:
After vacation, I was at the eye doctor's with Brenna and was informed she had the beginnings of cataracts.
How was I going to "Take Good Care of THAT Moment"???
Well, I stopped for the moment and took stock of the situation.
I screamed a little in my head-"REALLY, GOD, REALLY????"
Then I thought about how Brenna is not in imminent danger, her life is not threatened, nor is she being admitted to the hospital. Plus, I really like her doctor.
It was an interesting situation to look at that moment a little differently.

All that to say is, 

You are cordially invited to

Every Friday in December.
(2, 9, 16, 23 and 30th)

Every Friday for the month of December, (the 2, 9,16, 23 and 30th)
you can join in. Share your moment that you were able to "TAKE GOOD CARE OF."
Post it on your blog, link it to this one and we can all encourage each other through this month.

Now, the really fun part!
If you take the code for my badge on the right side of the blog, and post an invitation for others to join on YOUR blog, leave me a comment (with your email) here telling me you did so, and I will send you a little thank you in the form of one of these tags pictured.

Let's get the party started this FRIDAY!!!

I'm looking forward to "Taking Good Care" with all of you!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Art Every Day Month-day 29

I'm finding myself very sad to be at the end of Art Every Day Month.
Maybe I'll have to continue it on my own...
and just visit my own blog.

O.k., enough of that sadness.
Here is what is rolling through my head.
"Take Good Care Of This Moment."
what about
TGC for short?
I know, I know, it's bad when things are rolling through my head and I put it all out on the blog.
But I think it will be worth it.
Just think Linky Party for December to help each other through the craziness of the season.
Or, Linky Party at Blueskies!
Or, Linky Party to help us not lose our minds during December and get caught up in stuff we really don't want to and if we did, we have a place to come to get a breath of fresh December air.
Just keep tuning in and I'll have it all worked out tomorrow, how's that?!!

On to art work:

My eldest introduced me to a product called Misket, or Liquid Frisket.
I like the name as it reminds me of Peter Rabbit.
I'm telling you, I'm pretty tired today!

Anyway, it's a liquid that you apply to your substrate and then paint over it.
It's also advisable to let the paint DRY before taking off the frisket, as seen above.

Use a small eraser to take off the frisket. It's a very thin rubber-cement like texture when it dries.
I had a page in my practice journal that just had color on it and then I applied the Liquid Frisket and let it dry and then painted black over it to help it stand out. My daughter has a knack of getting really clean lines with her lettering, and it looks beautiful.

Just be careful with your brush, because mine ended up looking like this.

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Art Every Day Month-day 28

Back at the Art Everyday Month!
I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Last week,
some of my art came in the form of writing in the sand at the beach.

I read quite a bit about thankfulness and trust this past week.
Those two words bring so much freedom to me.
When I let them.

I come from a "pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps" kind of a family.
Which definitely comes in handy when one needs to work hard.
But trust?
Thankfulness in the midst of hard times?
Isn't that just a pollyanna kind of view?

I do struggle with this notion, but I don't think it's "pollyana-ish"
when it is a conscious decision.
To be able to put my thoughts in a better place is a gift!

I want this...notion...to continue way past Thanksgiving.
Through December, even!!!
I want to treasure each day, especially during the holidays.
What about you?

I have a little idea rolling around my brain and at the end of the month, I'll have that idea put into a plan,
so be sure and stay tuned!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Art every day month day 23

Welcome to day 23 of art every day month.
Today, I played. I did nothing with the intention of selling or caring if it was "good enough".
I think I'll continue it today as well!
In the October issue of Somerset Studio, in the article entitled, Oodles of Circles, there is a great "how to". I really am not sure how the artist got to their finished product, but it's beautiful and I'm enjoying the process of my colors and layers.
We are having a long, lazy week as a family and enjoying each minute. Certainly something to be grateful for!
I doubt I will post on Thanksgiving, so today I'll wish each of you many blessings and the hope found in giving thanks.

Art every day month, day 22

This is a photo of my grandmother (red scarf) and one of her four sisters. I printed the photo onto tissue paper and added it with gel medium over a painted background.
I love this photo as it reminds me of the twinkle in my grandmothers eyes and her fabulous laugh. She was an artist and taught at Carpinteria High School. I painted first with her and began work in clay with her. She left me her potter's wheel when she died. It's long gone now, it was an old kick wheel and it now lives at San Jose State College.
I often wonder at this photo. My memories of her sisters weren't ever this lively and I would love to hear from them about the background of this photo. Theirs wasn't an easy life. But seeing this, it makes me smile knowing they shared this moment together.
Happy Thanksgiving week!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Art every day month, day 21

Still no Internet connection. I have my trusty phone and time for art, so I'm very thankful! Yesterday was blustery and rainy. We baked pumpkin bread, went to a bookstore and spent all day together. I kept thinking of a devotional I read and it talked about how thankfulness and trust are our main receptors to God. This page from my sketchbook came from those thoughts. I also realized the old pen and ink works wonders over watercolor crayons.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Art every day month

Thank goodness for this phone. I can't get Internet access on my laptop, and I HAVE to still put up posts for art every day month challenge!!
Today I decided to enjoy the artwork of the Creator of heaven and earth. Hope you like it as well!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Art Every Day Month-day 18

Can I just say I'm so stinking excited for Thanksgiving break???
I love breaks from school.
Why is that? I don't remember being quite this excited when my kids were young.
I think it's because they are older and it's actually a break!!
I remember when they were younger thinking it wasn't much of a break when kids were out of school,(except for summer) but I sure love it now.
There's hope, moms of young children!!

And whoever moved Thanksgiving break from just Thursday and Friday to all week, well..

I'm moving to a larger canvas. I haven't done this in quite a while and it's nice to just take my time with it. 

I get so excited about color, I tend to forget that I have to have any ink down BEFORE  using the watercolor crayons. Once that is on the canvas, you will ruin your pen if you try and go over the crayon. Wax, apparently, is not good for Faber -Castell Pit pens.

I think my bird's body is a little wonky. Might have to go in and do some liposuction with shading.

Happy Friday,
and enjoy your days off!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art Every Day Month

Yesterday was a little busy...but I got a couple of hours in the art room.

Inks, gesso, paint,

transfers, more paint..
I love it all!
Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Art Every Day Month

Day 16...
I did not win in the sleep department last night. It was another hormonal party that I distinctly do not recall sending out an invitation for.
And for the record, it's too quiet for a party between 3 and 5 a.m.
All though bed time routines have amped up in our house, thanks to Justin.

Yes, one of the girls from school found this handy-dandy singing toothbrush and gave it to Miss B.
Who then got the bright idea to take several pictures of it on my iphone. 
"SAVE them, MOM."
{{Uh, o.k....should I make my wallpaper on my phone this picture?
While I'm at it, I'll use it as my desktop photo on my laptop.}}
Not only did she brush a LOT, she marched around the house in time to the songs.
Maybe that's when the party started and I just thought we had to keep going.
Wait, no, that was at 8 p.m., I don't party THAT long. Plus, I'm pretty sure I was out cold by 10:30. 
Oh, well.

A large version of the bird in progress...

Along with my large new best-snowman-friend.

For more great art, check out the other posts at

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art Every Day Month

I missed yesterday, as I was asked to come help in Brenna's class at the last minute. I left the house at 7:30 and got home after 4:00. Can't say I'm used to that-and by the time I got home, I was B.E.A.T! But I do love her class and working with her teacher is just the best.

Today I'll share what went on this weekend...
I started in the sketchbook and it seems to keep getting bigger and bigger!

Next, I'm working on a 16x20, which I haven't done in a long time.
I just need to say this over and over, along with the original quote, "Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes." That I think needs to be on a really large canvas this time.

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Art Every Day Month

Today is the 13th day for Art Every Day Month.

I relented and took Miss Party for a couple of walks...it is stunningly beautiful today,
even if it makes my nose itch like crazy!

Back to the AEDM.
I'm continuing on my theme of "speaking the truth," and was inspired by my sweet friend, Amy, to take it a step further.

This is a page in my Sketchbook.

I think of so many people when I wrote this. 
Even if we just begin to speak to ourselves, each time we do, we will be stronger.

Have a wonderful Sunday speaking to yourself.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art Every Day Month

Finished the canvas I started yesterday..

I printed a large clock and hands from Karen, over at The Graphics Fairy onto pattern paper and added numbers from a gel transfer. Add to that paint, stamped letters and hand-drawn letters.
Kinda like it!

I even like the inverted look from my iphone app. Gives me ideas for different colors!
Off to do more of what I love...
Happy weekend to all of you.