Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Have you ever had a week that you were so excited for, but was so jam packed at the same time?
The excitement wakes you up early, like 4 a.m. early and somehow you buzz through the day before crashing at 9:00 that night...
And you are up and ready for the next day.
It's gotta be the combination of color and summer. 
Pretty sure.
That, and beginning the week with so much excitement, we could hardly STAND IT!

It began with a little road trip to San Diego with myself and Brenna and her sweet friend, Camila.
And painting our nails purple.

because purple is Justin Bieber's favorite color. Brenna's, too.

Then we worked on a sign for Mr. Bieber.
Brenna has insisted for six months that she would be picked to be the "One Less Lonely Girl."
Six. Months.
I kept telling her that about 20,000 other girls want to be that girl.

Unfortunately, the signs were confiscated before we even got into the Arena.

Try explaining that one.

Enter my brilliant eldest daughter.
She told Brenna that they take all the signs and put them in Justin's motor home, so he can look at each and every one.
The best part?
Disaster averted.

We arrived half an hour before show time, which was 7 p.m.
We had been amped up and ready since 3:00, but who's counting?

We watched as the arena filled with thousands of girls. All ages. Mostly young, to the point where my eldest said she felt old. She is all of 22. I felt positively ancient.
I felt really bad for the couple of Dads that I saw, but figured they were pretty special if they were allowed to accompany their daughters to the concert.

We rented binoculars for Brenna, which was a good and bad thing. 
The concert started at 7:00, with an opening act, which lasted about 25 minutes.
Brenna didn't move from watching that stage the entire time.
Nor did she move from watching the stage as the crew rearranged everything for what we thought was Justin Bieber. 

Except that it was yet another opening act.
I finally sat in front of her binoculars to figure out what was going on.
She was looking for where the Biebs would come out on stage,
waiting for the arrival.
and waiting
and waiting.

Her smile all night, literally melted my heart.
It was a delight to watch all of them.

she's killing me. so. so SO excited!!

About 9:00, a clock on the big screen began a ten minute countdown.
Oh, Lord....
The screaming.
Every time a minute passed, the decibels were raised, anticipation at a frenzy.
And then..then it went black.
I swear to you, I have never heard anything like this in my life!

There he was, in all his musical glory.
Brought down on a wire, dressed in white, with 8 foot wings and aviator glasses.
Holy moly, I am laughing so hard as I type this!!!
It's true.
And my girl?


Worth every penny, every conversation about being the lonely girl, worth every puzzle piece she earned; worth every bloody song I have listened to in the car and on the iPad over and over and over a thousand and one times to see that face split wide open in a smile I have never seen on her before.

It is difficult to put into words what her response was like.
It was magical.
 I know how stinking hard she worked to earn these tickets.
The anticipation of the calendar.
The joy of getting tickets.
Bringing the puzzle pieces on vacation.
Realization of "This is IT!" "IT'S really happening!"

I think I watched Justin Bieber.

But I mostly kept focused on this face.

Brenna waving like mad and screaming something like, "I love you Justin, I want to be the One Less Lonely Girl!"

No. My eldest is not fawning over Justin.
She got pretty emotional over her sister's response.

screaming for all she's worth.

So, thank you, Mr. Bieber.
You sure delivered one whopper of a show and made a dream come true.
O.K., well, almost.
My child didn't make the lonely girl status, and I thought she would break down and cry while you were singing to some other girl....
But she was over it by the next song.

The next morning, I had to wake the girls up in order to make check-out time from the hotel and we
spent the day in the euphoria of rehashing the concert, asking each other how on earth Justin Bieber does it?
Two months off in one year of touring the U.S., Canada and Europe.
Can you even imagine?

We ended up having a very, very late brunch and met a new friend named Lilly.

And goofed around in Ocean Beach with Brenna's friend and my eldest and her boyfriend.

I love these girls...

Next to Brenna's expression at the concert, this had to be my favorite photo.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On My Desk

In the Lilla Rogers Class, our assignment this week is based on "wall art."
We have to find bits and pieces to make a collage.
Hip, Hip, HOORAY!!!!
Our color palettes are based on our astrological sign.
I'm of the March birth order, or Pisces. (Which I had to look up how to spell. Shows you how much I follow my horoscope.)
My colors?
Pink and Purple.
Enter screeching of brakes and car crashing sound.

Vintage wall paper, fabric, paper, new and old maps from Italy and a gorgeous napkin!

If you know anything about me, I am NOT a pink kinda gal.
But, I took the challenge and began looking around my art room for items of the pink and purple persuasion.
Lo, and behold! I actually came up with quite a few things in my stash.
O.K., four or five, but I think it's a lot.
Then I walked outside and was happily greeted by my Agapanthus, Lavender and Hydrangea bushes.

Which I cut and put in water to bring me inspiration.
I have tried turning my Hydrangeas blue, but it hasn't worked in 11 years.

Then I mosied around some more and came up with an old domino, some buttons and dry cleaning tags and began to paint shades of pink and purple. 
Who knew that they could be so pleasing to the eye?

Then I got out the molding paste and a stencil I made and some paint pens and watercolor crayons...
again, kinda fun!

paper is brown packaging paper

We get our main assignment tomorrow-should be interesting!

Check back on Friday-I will have more on the assignment and more thoughts gathered on how to express the magic of the JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT.
But for now, a little teaser:

Anticipation at it's finest- I love my girls!!!!

See you Friday.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I am toast.
Waving a white flag.
I know it's bad when I walk into Starbucks and they scream, "HELLOOOO!" over all the espresso machines and I want to scream back.

All righty, then.

Good this week:
I left Starbucks without being snarky.
I got the laundry done and fed my family this week.
Brenna and I even went to the gym, all though we missed today.
Brenna would say this is good.
The dog has not eaten a door in over two weeks.
And yes, I upped her meds.

Not so good this week:
I did say the laundry got done, but it sat in baskets for a couple of days.
Wrinkled is the new trend, says me.

My friend, Amy keeping me sane this week with text messaging.
Summer mornings.

I found two $5 Starbucks cards left over from Christmas.

Not so good:

My desk from the Make Art That Sells class.
I have cleaned this up over and over this week.
I can honestly say I have never worked so hard in a class before. (Good)
But it's taking it's toll. (Bad.)
Sleep is in order. (Good)

Now I'll present the progression of snails:

at the park

at home. snails are taking over. (not so good.)

Children's book cover for the class:

watercolor, vintage papers, some faber castell big brush pens.

Now to focus on bigger and better things.

J.B., you best be ready, 'cause my girl is comin to your concert!!!

For real.
Like tomorrow.
That girl of mine has done such an amazing, amazing job working for her tickets.

She has her outfit picked out, her nail polish picked out, and is making a sign for the concert that will say, "Justin be my boyfriend."
Now, let me just add here that this is a girl who does not in any shape or form pick out her clothes for any occasion. She could give a rat's patoot. 
And nail polish?
I think someone has taken over my child.
It's purple by the way.
And the sign?
Made it up herself.
I think I'm going to cry just watching how flipping happy she will be.
Maybe I'll start now.

Monday, June 17, 2013

What's On Your Desk, round 2.

How is everyone doing?
How was Father's day?
Ours was glorious, as our eldest made it home.
I love when that happens.
She does too, I'm sure. 
She gets fed and can do laundry.

So, here's what is on my desk:

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

I love this devotional. It hits home every time I open it.

I am continuing with the Lilla Rogers class, Make Art That Sells.
I have moved from seed pods on my desk to...
Yep, you read it right.
This week is all about illustrating for children's books and our subjects are snails.
Did you know they are "on trend" right now?
Me, either.

I was explaining to a friend how this class stretching me.
I have forgotten that I enjoy drawing and sketching. Google Images is my new friend. 
I look up snails, cartoon eyes and illustrated eyes. I'm looking and looking at different ideas. I try something, add a little here and there and then try again. There is freedom in moving through the different sketches. None of the "better get it right the first time" stuff going on. Granted, it's a LOT of self talk, but it's good.

A trndy snail? 

Every time I photograph what I sketch, I see where it can improve, what can be deleted, moved or added.  The eyes here need to stand out a little more. The shell can be rounded a bit more. Different pattern. I do love her personality! I think the shell will need to open and have all kinds of magical things inside. Now you know what I'll be doing at 8 a.m. tomorrow!

Watch out, Justin Bieber, your biggest fan is coming to see you!

These tickets are also on my desk. It's the counter next to the refrigerator, so that counts as my second desk.
Look how excited my eldest is to be going to see Justin Bieber. I think she is more excited than Brenna.
I for one, am practicing my arm wave to "One Less Lonely Girl." 
I think it needs work, as the last time the arm wave was used at a concert that was at the Irvine Amphitheater with James Taylor.
Did I really just say that?

This is not on my desk.
It was in my freezer and it's what was left after Father's day.
It wasn't nearly enough and I had to split it with Brenna and Doug. It is supposed to go with the chocolate cake that Brenna and I made him for Father's day. It really has nothing to do with what is on my desk, but I thought the recipe for the (GLUTEN FREE) chocolate layer cake was so good, I'd at least share the cookbook I got it from, by Cybele Pascal, entitled The Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook. I would show you a photo of the cake, but it's all gone.

If you want to sign up for the heART Coaching class that will be held at my house, June 29, click on the link on the right side bar. 
I wish I could fly all of you out to join us!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I'm waking up early in the summer to draw seed pods.
It's going from historical to downright ridiculous.
But holy moly, it's fun.
I'm learning so much and stretching myself a ton.

Add a little color...

Do you think these are considered pods if they aren't dried out and brown?
They showed up when I googled Images for seed pods.
Maybe I do like pods after all. 

We are in full summer mode.
Brenna is helping.
She stays up later, I stay up later. 
She sleeps in (for the first time in her life!), I get up to draw seed pods.

this pool party started during the day....

We have done a  little shopping.
Brenna is not a big shopper.
She has told me more than once that she would rather shop for ice cream.

so wish I could wear hats like my girls!

Starbucks is a must in the summer.
But I do believe the Baristas need a little help.
How would one get "Berlin" from Lynn?
Really. Let's try it. 
"What's your name?"
scribble, scribble.
That's what I thought.

at least the coffee was made correctly.

drum roll, please.

This girl has stuck to the deal.
SIX months of making good food choices and getting exercise in five days a week equals tickets to go see Justin in concert.
I'm so excited! No, really, I am.
It should be a ton of fun! 
Brenna has her outfit all picked out.
Should I wear a J.B. t-shirt too?
Ha. Just joking.

It's now 11:00 p.m. 
Seed pods will be calling my name in eight hours and I'm having trouble stringing sentences together so for your benefit and mine, I'll sign off for now.

Have a super weekend!