Thursday, May 21, 2015

Messy But Beautiful

When I first thought of the sentence for this print, it was during a week of chaos.
It was totally fun chaos, but chaos nonetheless. 
You know the kind: throwing yourself into a project that you can sink your teeth into and enjoying every moment of it.
Inevitably, the rest of life goes by the wayside and can be an absolute mess in a matter of minutes: dishes, bills, papers to sign for school, and for some reason, people still need to eat dinner and the laundry fairy never EVER shows up.

The other part of messy comes in the form of
art shows and bronchitis for your child and more bronchitis and another art show and then....
shingles on your face. 
Yeah. So messy.
The beautiful part is thankfulness in the midst of the mess. Not exactly FOR the mess,
but IN the messiness, finding a reason to say thank you:

a well-timed doctor visit
my couch
my family

Now I'm finished with shows, Brenna's bronchitis has cleared, my shingles have healed and I'm only left with either a stabbing feeling in my head or itching like I want to scratch my face off.
Some beautiful, some messy.

You can find this print in my ETSY shop.
Just in case you or someone you know needs a reminder that even though the laundry fairy never shows up when you need her and you haven't done dishes for four days or you want to put a bag over your face, somehow, somewhere along the way, it ends up being okay.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Highs and Lows

After a wildly successful show at Red Dirt, I was pretty excited to continue on my merry way and get ready for the next show in Balboa. (this is known as a high)

As life would have it, after a sweet weekend and a massive clean up my in art room, Brenna came home from school and said her "whole body hurt". (this would be considered a low)

Available: Various stages of flight, each 8x10 framed.

 I thought this would be a sick where I could get lots done while she laid around watching movies.(looking for a high in a low)

But, as it turns out, she is fever-sick and it's no fun. (low)
But the sister and brother-in-law hung out with her and watched movies. (high)

Available: "Having Fun" mixed media, 9x12, framed.

And I made soup. (high)
And lost a lot of sleep. (low)
But it rained, so it was nice to hunker down. (high)

no, it doesn't say "hop", it says "hope" 6x6 small truths canvases available

But I'm beginning to feel the slight edge of panic (low) for the Balboa Art Walk, for which I'm so excited. (high)
So, when I get a good night's sleep, (high) I will realize that even if I didn't do anything else, (possibly a low) I could practice what I paint, (low or high-take your pick by now) go to the next show, and have a great time. (high)

Available: 8x10 matted print

But I'll eventually get more done cause there is still a week. (high)
Aaaanndd.. no matter what, Sunday the 17th will roll around and  I'll be on Opal street on Balboa Island. (high)
Which is more than a week away. (high)
And I'm really not making any sense (low-for you) so I'll stop. (back up to high for you)

Happy Friday!

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