Sunday, January 24, 2010

After The Storm

We survived. No flooding here. (We thought my sister's house up North was doomed, but she's o.k. She almost bought a raft.) No mudslides. Our neighboring communities got snow and closed school on Friday. Here are some pictures from Saturday. It was just spectacular.

I looked out my bedroom window to this:

Then went for a drive along the wash and saw this:

San Bernardino National Mountains

Looking out toward Yucaipa:

This is the road I was on:

If you look closely, on the left side there is a water tower. We live about 2 miles down from that:

I hope I'm not boring you, like when your cousin shows you their trip to Yellowstone. But this was one of the most spectacular days anyone can recall in a long, long time!

O.K. Just a couple more. I grabbed the dogs and took them for a run at the dog park. (Such happy dogs.) This is the view from the dog park. Don't you love the orange grove with the snow?

Happy dogs:

Well, just one more picture. I played with this one a little, I thought it was cool:

Oh, I think I showed this one already. Time to quit!! Have a great day-


  1. wow.....truly spectacular....kinda looks like someone dumped a huge thing of powder sugar everywhere huh? wicked cool!

    yapping cat

  2. Wow...that is so gorgeous, Lynn. The area you live in is unreal. Looks like Tthe sun came out and dried up the landy-landy, sun came out and dried up the landy landy. Everything was fine and dandy-dandy, Chldren of the Lord."

    My favorite camp song. We got to stamp our feet after "Everything was" (stomp). But that wasn't enough so we pounded out fists on the table, rattling the salt and pepper shakers and napkin holder. Now, THAT was fun!

  3. wow, you really got some weather! And some beautiful pics as a result :-) Love the one that you played around with...both times I saw it. Lovely colors. You do have an eye...
    No raft yet, just 20 more sand bags should it storm again like it did on Wed. So far only light to moderate rain. I can live with that! No snow yet...

  4. Those are some absolutely gorgeous photos!!!

    Now I wish I that had been me in that big truck you saw last week. All primed and ready to go to the Rose Bowl.........

    Somehow palm trees and snow just don't quite look right in the same picture?!?

    I would definitely like an orange grove though. I can't imagine a fresh orange right off the tree....not from a plastic bag....