Friday, January 15, 2010


LOOK what my new friend, Susie did for me!!!! I contacted her at vintagesusieandwings.blogspot.com and (shyly) asked if she would do a new blog look for me. Some emails and a phone call later...


Susie is just the best. She has the best personality ever, and really, REALLY listens to all your thoughts and ideas for your blog. Susie doesn't miss a beat-she gets right back to you, and I can't even begin to tell you how she does all this. Well. Miss Susie is just uber-talented, that's how!!

The best part is that she lives only a short drive from where I live and I get to -are you ready for this- I GET TO GO VISIT HER AT HER STORE!!!!! ( 'Lambs & Ivy Boutique') I'm so stinking excited that I think the girls and I will take a little drive over tomorrow!! YEE HAAW!

So, Miss Susie, my new friend, thank you for all your kindness and fabulous creativity. I enjoyed working with you so very much and look forward to more fun adventures together.

Have a great day, friends!


  1. OoooLaLa!

    Now this is downright fancy!!!

    Love the little heart pins along the sides---haven't seen those anywhere else before!

    I was so surprised....thought I was at the wrong blog at first! heehee

    Most excellent.

    Have fun at the boutique!!!

  2. just lovely, Lynn. What a great picture!

  3. Ahhh.. that's beautiful!!!!!
    Congratulations. :)