Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple Things

I went to visit my friend Pam at her blog and found this amazing blog called soul aperture.  The writer's name is Christina and she is challenging her readers and friends to list 27 of The Simple Things in life that bring them pleasure. 

 Christina and her family are going to donate $1.00 for each of the lists {up to $250.00} to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti relief. So, I left a little comment saying I thought it was a fabulous way to end my day. Here goes:

Laughing, talking, crying, connecting with Friends.

Strong, hot Coffee.
Worshipping when I could care less if anyone is around.
Snuggling with my girls.
Holding hands with Doug.  
Anything at all to do with the beach.

When my dogs are asleep.
Lavender in full bloom.
A really good book.
Quietness in the midst of chaos.
Sometimes even the chaos.
My nickname that my Dad gave me, 'cause it's just mine.
New leaves on a tree.

My pillow at the end of a long day.
Hearing Brenna tell a joke.
Doug making me laugh.
Lauren's laughter.

Old things that are new to me.
Shiny, clean glass that sparkles in the sun.
The color blue.
The feel of warm sun.
Cooking something that feeds and nurtures my family.

Digging through treasures and gathering.
God's unmeasurable,unending grace.

What would your 27 be? Have a great day and many thanks to Christina and her family!


  1. Had to come right over to see your list!

    LOVE it!!!

    Especially the digging and gathering part...

    Yep. I think we would get along just fine!

    But clean glass?? What's that???

  2. your list made me give a triple fist pump in the air!!! heck yeah! lol
    how beautiful
    and magical
    and grateful!

  3. Wah! What is wrong! his is the second time I have written a reply on someone's blog and it wasn't there. I think I...was in a hurry...and forgot to press post comment...hmmm. That might help!

    I love this, Lynn. My friend is doing 1,000 Blessingss right now. This I could manage!!! I also love Doctors Without Borders...so I will have to do a list! I didn't realize this would be a contribution...very cool!

    There are several craft sites that are Crafting for Haiti or some such and they are doing a great business. I think we will donate a special necklace Katie did...but she is never here long enough to help me figure out how to do it! One of the sites is Haiti By Hand, which is Rebecca Sower's site. I took a class from her at Silver Bella so I am thinking that will be my place. She is as nice as she is talented.

    Love to you, Sweetie.

  4. Wow Lynn, I love this.
    Your list is wonderful & pure & simple. I can't think of a cause I would be happier to do this list for, I soooo want to do something to help Haiti! Thanks for forwarding this inspiring idea. I will make my list now!

  5. i'm definitely with you on anything to do with the beach. stopping by to enjoy your list of simple things.

    one love.

  6. I, too, love old things and naps and so much more that you mentioned. Isn't this idea of Christina's such fun? I love how many of us are roaming the blogroads stopping to say hello here and there. So, hello to you. Happy almost-Friday.

  7. i don't have a blog but i did my list. it's something i would benefit from doing every day!so many wonderful, simple things to be grateful for...

  8. Hi Friend...
    Come up!!!! There is no need for chains & very little snow in & around the shop. I think this next storm we may or may not get will only be rain which is WONDERFUL for us cuz it will help wash away the snow that's left. Get up here girl, I want to see your new bottles!
    Hugs to all,

  9. Beautiful! I think everyone of those is wonderful! :D

    yapping cat