Monday, January 11, 2010

I Haven't Fallen of the Face of the Earth!

Hey, All!!
Good grief, I had no idea so much time had flown by since my last post. Well. What's new with all of you? I'm hoping your New Year has gotten off to a fabulous start.
I love January. For the beginnings it represents and the cleaning out it inspires me to do...on top of that, I have spent the last week doing as much as humanly possible with Lauren! We have enjoyed shopping, going my my favorite scrapbook store, (www.scrappinglounge.com), watching movies, (500 Days of Summer-yuck. The Proposal-pretty cute.) and generally hanging out. I love every minute of it.  Unfortunately (for Lauren), she has come down with the flu and is walking like an old woman, battling a sore throat and a fever and feeling like crud. Thank goodness it happened before we took her to school.
Brenna had her first horse lesson....

She would barely touch the horse to groom it, or give it a carrot.

But had NO problem getting up into the saddle!!

I found a killer deal on some chairs I have wanted for FORever:

Which, by the way, I haven't finished putting them together yet, which is why the dining room looks like an explosion:

The Christmas decorations are all put away, though. The house was clean for about 3 hours, which was nice. I do have a question for you, though. What would you do with this cutie:

I used to have dried hydrangeas filling it. At Christmas, I trashed them, as the poor flowers had seen better days. I filled it with silver and gold pine cones for the holidays. That was fun. Now, I can't figure out what the heck to fill it with.

I do love this piece. Anyone have any suggestions?

It just looks lonely and needs some ideas!!

I found this adorable silver vase (?) not sure what it is:

There's no engraving on it. I found it for $2.00 at a thrift store.

Well, I think we are about all caught up! There is so much to look forward to on this blog-a whole year to see what will be discovered, learned, and done. OOOH- and more people to meet as well!!

I have about a million ideas running through my head for dominoes, soldered Mah Jong tiles, VALENTINE'S day....can't wait to show you what comes from the ideas!
Have a great day!


  1. Greetings Lynn,
    Thought I'd stop by & say hi...HI! It looks like you've had a fun start to the New Year & I love the pic of Breann riding the horse. You know, I haven't been on a horse in years & I'd be scared to death to climb up on that big thing!!! Good for her BRAVE GIRL! :) & my thoughts on your awesome holder...it looks just the right size to hold a file folder{maybe}. If they'd fit, I'd put beautiful file folders in it, I'm ALWAYS looking for more ways to get organized. I so enjoyed spending some time here, talk soon friend!

  2. I was wondering where you'd been! Can't wait to see what you fill the big bin with! (sorry haven't had coffee so no ideas are floating to the top)

  3. Oh, shoot! I wrote a long reply and then it got erased. I forgot to write those silly letters and numbers.

    I was always a tiny bit glad when Katie was sick because then I could mother her a bit, like in the young days. Not fun for her though. Those times at home are so precious when they are in college. I am glad you were able to really enjoy them.

    Brenna looks brave and bold in the horse saddle. What a cutie. I am not sure I would be so brave.

    I love that silver goblet, loving cup...and for two dollars, Lynn! Wow!
    I also love your chippy drawer. What about some curly willow and some dried bittersweet...or is that just a Midwestern thing?

    So anxious to see your valentine dominoes! Do you know I am in the Red Lead group but I have never done anything. I just sit in awe of what everyone else does. I keep thinking about telling you about them and you are one step ahead of me. Looking for you to be "Diva of the Week."


  4. Of course since I live in the middle of a huge pine forest, my immediate thought for your bin/drawer was "fill it with pinecones!"

    Then I read on and saw that angle has already been covered...

    I thought of long aspen-type sticks---love the curly willow idea, Suz!

    Or, how about putting it on its side up on a table or bench with some interesting "things" inside and your new loving cup on top filled with pinecones or sticks... Maybe some of your glass candlestick/bowls mixed in...

    Aren't I a regular fountain of decorator advice?!?

  5. You have certainly been a busy little bee!! I think a lot of people have taken some time off from blog land to get things done or to just plain old not do anything at all. Welcome back and happy new year to you!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  6. Mmmmm...don't you think that silver thing belongs in MY house??? :-) I love it!! I think we all worked so hard for xmas...and you had those shows to do...I haven't gotten back to the studio since xmas...nor do I want to just yet. But I can feel it coming :-) Loved the idea of putting the box on it's side and doing something. I think maybe hearts need to spill out of it for VD...hearts and wings and candy hearts. Oh yea, the dogs. Never mind about the candy

  7. Hello Again Miss Lynn...
    Well, I think I'm done unless you can think of anything else you'd like me to do. I played with font color, added my link under your link button...you can take it off whenever you'd like. LOL Changed the look of your blog list..this way fills up alittle more of the sidebar & you can just look at thepic to see if your friends have added anything new. I love your blog & think this background looks awesome with it. Can't wait to see you at the shop!!! Have a fun day...Smiles,
    PS: Thanks Friend!!!

  8. I'm not sure about drawer...maybe some stick stems or some empty nests (for on coming Spring)...uhm...I'll have to think. And ohmygosh...LOVE the silver vase...gorgeous!

    yapping cat