Saturday, April 24, 2010

Art Project

Morning, All!!!

How's everyone today??
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This week I am working on getting an art project ready to do with Miss Brenna's class. Each year, her school has their annual fund raising fair and has a silent auction and then a live auction. Each grade puts in an art project (done with the art teacher) in the live auction. The submissions are lovely works, such as every child from say, the third grade, drawing flowers and then those flowers get decoupaged onto a table. It's quite a feat to get it done. Anywho, I get to work with the Special Ed class! It is a great time to work with these kids. All boundaries are tossed aside. Lots of conversation ensues. We are doing "Recycled Mosaic Kitchen Art." It is a project I found at Lilblueboo's website. I spent most of Friday cutting various cardboard boxes:

I invested in a rotary cutter and mat. How come no one told me about these things??? They are amazing tools!

Box cutters are good, too, but wow. 

So, all in all it took maybe three hours to cut enough squares for the kids to fit them onto three frames.
Did I mention the frames? Well...Brenna's teacher is married to a very talented man who happens to be a carpenter. Instead of having to order cradled gesso board, he made us three of these beautiful frames in a 10x30 size and I coated them with gesso.
Can you say, "Yahoo!"?

It will be fun to see how the kids place all the squares.
Miss Ashley from lilblueboo suggest coating it with Krylon Triple Thick Glaze. Has anyone seen this? Used it? I will have to start looking for it...And then tape off the frame so I don't get spray on it. Any other suggestions for finishing it off other than a spray?

My neck and back have recovered nicely from cutting...

Have a great day!!


  1. I can't wait to see! You think of some great projects!

  2. I think it's wonderful that you're doing this and really look forward to seeing the completed projects! I'm going to hop over to that website to see more.

    I just love creative people!

  3. hey, waaait a minute...weren't you in San Diego when you wote this? I know I was and I had seen you that day...you are amazing!! she loves her blog spot. I can hardly wait to see the project completed, as well. Sounds fab.

  4. All I can say is....that is a LOT of cutting no matter what you cut with!!!

    Can't wait to see the finished projects!!!

  5. Looks like great fun and yeah, I bet you did have to recover...LOL...hello, Advil? I've never used a rotary cutter, but looks like it could do a pretty good job of it all. Will look forward to seeing how the kids projects turn out.

    yapping cat