Friday, April 30, 2010

“The waves of the sea help me get back to me.” --Jill Davis

Last weekend, with the help of my sweet respite worker and my even sweeter husband, I was able to take off for three days. It was a collection of AMAZING women in San Diego!! One of the girls put it as a "beautiful disaster." My eldest sister and her partner, one of my best friends and her two daughters, my eldest were all there- who could ask for more?

We ALL needed the weekend. The girls had just about had it with school, my sister is so over work, Miss Marilyn is always up for a trip, the mommies (Robin and myself), well. Need I say more?

We shopped up and down Ocean Beach, better known as "OB."
They have great antique stores, funky clothing stores and tattoo parlors galore. I almost got my nose pierced. Why? Who knows. (Maybe because I know it will horrify my 80 year old mother. Is it pathetic at 48 that it sounds like fun to do this to her?) I have wanted to since I went to India, but the people there told me to get it done in the States (it was cleaner), and then I never did. I think about doing it every time I'm down here.

We found out we had Delta Gamma sisters together. (Rachel and Marilyn). Who would not, not, not show us their secret handshake. But they would do the "DG" pose.

Lauren and Erin just made fun of DG's.

I love Rachel and Erin like they were my own. My eldest and my Robin's youngest (on the right) have been friends since I met their mom when the girls were just babies. We have all shared so much life together, we truly are extended family to each other.

These girls and their mom? A force to be reckoned with!!

Not to mention this trio!! This is my eldest sister, Carol, myself (I am the baby of the family-love that!) and my sweet Lauren.

There is something so fun and freeing to share time with my daughter and our friends. Especially when all the dorm-mates join us. I have so darn much fun with these girls. There is a sense of watching them come into being their own, and it is a beautiful sight. They are fully responsible, make their own choices, get through classes and relationships and living together, and then to be able to hear their opinions and what they are going through is beyond wonderful. I don't think my words do the experience justice. I never went through this experience, so I find it so fun/fascinating to watch them all together talking, laughing, telling us stories about teachers, projects, classes....what they want to do with their lives, how they want to travel, summer plans, next year's roommates...maybe it is the amazing potential I see. The fullness of life that exudes from these girls. How their futures are wide open for them.

I think we just about over-dosed on Starbucks this weekend.
Mmmmmm. What a way to go!!

Even better was the dessert we had that night from Extraordinary Desserts. This place is UNbelieveable. To give you an example of their choices:

Chocolate Bundt cake. And, yes, fresh flowers on everything and even gold leafing!

Lemon bars.

Coffee cake.
Are you drooling yet? I'm about ready to go raid my pantry right now.

Four berry "pies."
My daughter and I ended up sharing -get this- white chocolate macadamia nut cheescake with a macadamia nut shortbread crust paired with salted caramel ice cream.  Did I get a picture of it? No. I was too busy snarfing eating!!!

I'll post more tomorrow. I don't want to wear you out on this one, 'cause there are several adventures to still fill you in on!
Much love,


  1. You want to pierce your nose????

    Oh my.

    I would like a tatoo.

    And a whole bunch of those desserts.....

    Glad you got away and had such a great, great time!!!! You certainly deserve it!!!

  2. I think it's so funny that you still have the urge to tweak your mom. You rebel, you.

    I'm envious of the girl time! I really need to put together something like this!

    Of course, half of OURS would be doing the Phi Mu secret sign... and the other half would be making fun of them.

  3. And I do not want a nose ring. I have no desire to draw attention to this nose. For the same reason, I will never tattoo my posterior.

  4. I'm too chicken to get either a nose ring or a tattoo. My daughter just got her third, the first two being small inconspicuous leaves. Well, let's just say she has bigger flowers on her back. I try not to freak out. I had just adjusted to the leaves.

    Lyn, I want you to get a nose ring! That would be so fun...especially if it would chock your mom...I like that rebel in you.

    Your daughter, Lauren...she is adorable. Will she be home this summer?

    Thanks for stopping at my blog today and making such nice comments. It was nice to day...gave me a bit more gratitude for what I have.

    Gearing up for a long e-mail...

    Love you, dear person,

  5. Get your nose pierced! I think it's beautiful, and the good thing is that whenever you get bored of it, the hole closes up without any scars. Just do it!
    What a fun trip you had! I'm jealous, because I need this king of girl therapy.
    I can't wait to see the rest of your pics.

  6. I would get tattoos if I were younger. Also, you can not be 48. Also, thank you for stopping my my blog. I really appreciate your words.

  7. I always wanted a tattoo on my lower back...but was too chicken! lol

    Thank you for visiting my blog this weekend.


  8. Hi Lynn,
    That much fun and decadence should be outlawed...unless I can be there too! But I think I'd pass on the nose piercing. LOL.
    Hugs, Susan

  9. lynn! pierce the nose! pierce the nose!! i have a horrid nose or i would too. but i have 4 tattoos! my husband is appalled, he says his body is a temple...(chortle) i say we are all blank canvasses!!
    what a beautiful post! i'ev been under a deadline and on computer restriction, but had to do a quick post & your post title caught my eye - had to peek. what a beautiful time for you and the girls. good for you! it makes me miss my daughter!
    mailed off an envelope to you, and as i left the post office it started snowing!!! white out blizzard on april 30! nuts!

  10. It looks like you had such a wonderful time, Lynn!! I'm always so happy to hear about women taking time out for themselves. It's so important and I think it makes you appreciate your home and family life more after a few days away. My in-laws had respite for my brother in law and it was such a God-send for them to have weekends to themselves every so often. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pics with us. You wanting to get your nose pierced just raised the bar on your "cool factor" for me!!!!! I have two tattoos that I didn't get until my late 30's and hope to get one more when our new baby is born. I don't regret getting them for one second as they symbolize very special aspects of my life and represent how far I've come since getting them. Take care and God bless. By the way, it definitely crossed my mind how my mother would react to seeing my tattoos when I got them. Very liberating that I could show her and not get in trouble for them!!!! HA HA!!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  11. What fun you all had...I wish had could have gone!!! Thursday will be perfect for your visit...I look forward to being able to catch up &&&&& you sold another mahjong tile this past weekend...yeah!!!!
    Smiles Friend,