Thursday, April 29, 2010

This and That

Morning, All!!

I'm sitting in Starbucks, waiting for my trailer hitch to be fixed over at the U-Haul place. Not too bad of a waiting room!!
This week has been so crazy busy. But I managed to get the main things accomplished!! I finished the art project with the kids in Brenna's class. Now that was FUN!! It was a great project to do with them. Very simple, straight forward, they learned about a brayer, color, and gluing things down is always fun!!

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the kids working together, I realized I didn't have their parent's permission to plaster their faces all over the internet, so I didn't think it would be a good idea!
They would each glue down two rows, then cover with freezer paper and roll the brayer over it to get all the bubbles out and make it stick a little more.

Aren't they fun and cheerful? I hope they do well at the auction.
The kids had fun guessing which food each square represented, and picking their favorites!
 I finished them off with two coats of clear gloss spray.

The frames were made by the teacher's husband. Did I mention there was an extra? That I got to keep? That I'm going to do a collage on???

This week, I also finished those crazy domino necklaces. Remember? They began like this:

And ended up like this:

I made them for a friend who chaired a Bonne Merres ("good mother" in french) luncheon. The necklaces went to her team that helped her put on the luncheon. Bonne Merres supports the kids in our regional Foster care system. Each year they hold a "Birthday Luncheon" to raise gifts for EACH of the kids in the system, so that they are remembered and celebrated, even if their life circumstances say otherwise.

This year, they brought in 3,419 gifts. Can you even imagine????

It's a heck of a large region.  I was pretty humbled to pay for a lunch ticket and bring in one gift. These women went to Target and Mattel and other local businesses to get donations in the form of toys and money to buy gifts. I love supporting something like this!

I was pleased at how the necklaces turned out. My friend found little glass cupcake beads that were hung on the end of the domino. A great finishing touch!

Well, no word yet from my friendly local U-haul.
 Like I believed them that they would be finished at the time they quoted me. 

Hope you are all having a great day!


  1. You always have the coolest ideas! Love the necklaces!

  2. The kids' art projects turned out great- fun to see what you did with the squares! The necklaces turned out charming, too!

  3. I was waiting to see how the mosiacs turned out, and I certainly wasn't disappointed! They are really colorful and kind of draw you in.

    And I LOVE the way the domino necklaces turned out! They might have been an enormous undertaking (for you AND the neighbor) but they were certainly worth it. They are darling!

  4. Lynn,
    I love your project with Brenna's class. You have such great ideas. I'll bet they were really proud. I do hope they do well at the auction. i think they are stunning.

    The dominos turned out sooooo well! What a nice little gift and such a great program. Do you belong, too?

    I got such a kick out of Katie putting our ratty rabbits on our blog! I do worry they have rabies but they are back every year, eating the flowers! I think we must have many generations of the same family because we have had these same kind for thirty years!

    Love that picture of Brenna in her cowboy hat!


  5. How nice of you to make such beautiful necklaces for such a good cause!

  6. Oooooo!!! Everything turned out so cool!

    {I knew it would....}

    Those dominoes are especially good! I can see why they do so well at your shows!