Monday, April 19, 2010

Dirt or Give Away

I thought I could show you pictures of my attempts at gardening today.

But then I realized they are pretty much just pictures of dirt.

I didn't get anything planted until yesterday late afternoon and then I forgot to take pictures.
I do have pictures of what is blooming in my yard. I could show you those.

But what I REALLY thought I would do today is announce a
GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first one. Because you all have been so faithful to listen and comment and encourage, AND because this is my 102nd post. Yep. You have listened over 100 times to me on this blog. I love each one of you for this! What an amazing time. Who would have thought when I entered this journey I would meet such smart, talented and kind women?
I will be giving away one of the infamous VOTIVES!!!

Just to say thank you.
 To say that you have made my life a little more beautiful.
 To say that I think each one of you are MORE than beautiful!

So here is my plan.
Let me know if you mention it on your blog and I will put your name in the entry hat another time, equaling two chances to win.
I will take comments until Sunday, April 25.
Then I will put all the entries in my favorite new cowboy hat and have Brenna draw a name. 
(She's really good at this. They have her do it all the time at the fundraisers for the school!!)

Oh, man. 
How much fun is this going to be????
Love to each of you,


  1. Here I am, Lynn! Now I have to figure out how I can get it on my blog. I like two chances!!! This is lots of fun!!!


  2. Congrats on getting your garden in, and on your 102nd post! Love those votives!

  3. hello ms. lynn - just finished reading your last post also and want you to know you aren't alone in the pricing dilemma - what gives with it??? it is so hard just to come up with a price to begin with! whatever you do, don't doubt your talents, your work or yourself. it's hard, but you know you are good, your loved ones & friends know you are, don't let the reactions of strangers sway your belief in yourself. easy to say, as i have also spent long days in a booth wondering what i was thinking trying to peddle my wares....
    that said - is that mermaid bottle still for sale??? do you ship to the frozen north??
    have a great day, happy 100th post, and i love that your dirt has no frost in it!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. I think I have read all 102 of your entries. We are neighbors, but I usually find out more of whats going on through this. We need to have lunch soon. Oh, and please enter me into your drawing. Thanks

  5. Hi Lynn- LOL! Love the dirt pics! Congrats on your milestone~ I always love reading your blog! Please enter me in the drawing, I'd love to win one of your lovely votives!

  6. Does the votive come with a slotted spoon???


    Sign me up!

    And keep on blogging, making cool stuff and being just a fine far away, yet oh-so-close friend and fellow dreamer.

  7. Hi Lynn!

    Lucky me that I come to thank you for your sweet comment and you are having a give away!!!! yay!

    For only having your blog 9 months, you really look like you've had it for years...it's beautiful and so welcoming.

    I loved your posts about the art fair...the altered art jewelry is so pretty! :)

    To answer your question about followers (and I am not a pro at that at all) my advice to you is to mingle, leave comments and follow others that you know you will be returning to visit often.
    To me, blogging is NOT about the "numbers" Lynn, it's about the friends :) Even though I may not get to visit 400 people a day, I do try my best to make my rounds, catch up, and leave a comment to let them know that I'm thinking of them. So that's about all I can tell you...oh....and it doesn't happen overnight unless you don't have a life! haha I have a full time job, a family and blogging is only a hobby and something I enjoy in between my spare time.

    It was nice meeting you and I'm so happy you found me. I will be your newest follower because I want to see some more of that beautiful altered art of yours girl...love it! :)

    I'm leaving TOMORROW for Savannah to attend Petticoats and Parasols for the weekend...just to let you know in case you respond and I don't answer you quickly. I'll be out with the girls!!!! :)

    Have a good week/weekend Lynn :)

  8. Congrats on #102 my fren! I've so very much enjoyed getting to know ya! Looking for 102plus more!!!!!!


    ps...put my name in the hat!!!!! :D

  9. Hi Lynn,
    I had to laugh at your garden post. Those of us who dig in the dirt are always so excited to share the experience. I was practically jumping for joy yesterday when I saw that my peas were almost tall enough to grab onto their string trellis. LOL.

    I also wanted to comment about your art fair post. I sell my art at a gallery in Evanston, IL (north of Chicago) for a large amount of money that I then split with gallery. Generally, they sell nearly everthing I send. However, here in Michigan its a whole differnt story. There is a VERY small market for art that is priced at even half of what I get in the "city."

    I don't know exactly what your answer will be. But keep trying and be willing to take risks because you never know what will work. Right now, I'm supplementing my art sales with antiques & collectibles. I'm a novice blogger and I'm thinking of starting an Etsy store.

    I know this is getting long-winded, but I have one sudggestion...If you haven't submitted your artwork for publication...DO IT! (Stampington is a great company.) Everything I publish sells very quickly.

    Hope this helps. Stop by my blog sometime I'd love to hear from you.


  10. I meandered to this blog because you happened to be a comment above me on another blog... Oddball that I am, I liked your blog name and clicked, and here I am.

    I'm always eager for a giveaway!

    Your pile of dirt reminded me of ours back a few months ago. We are actually enjoying our FIRST veggie garden in years. Got the first harvest just yesterday in fact.

    Now...I think I'll just snoop around a bit and enjoy your blog.

  11. Your dirt looks wonderful ... your lovely giveaway is beautiful! Thank you for a chance to be the lucky winner!
    Happy Spring!
    In Virginia we wait until after Mother's Day to plant usually ... just in case we get a surprise freeze.

  12. Ok, Miz Lynn.

    I just put your wonderful giveaway on my blog.

    Sign me up for another entry!


  13. Oh my...the hill is all turned over!! It will be beeeuuutifuul soon, I'm sure. I'd love to win the votive...can sisters enter? I don't have a blog spot. I do have your bday present though...come to SD and get it he,he,he.

  14. Oh Yeahhhhhh...You know I LOVE a Give-Away!!! Please enter me in your fabulous GA & congratulations on 102 post, isn't it amazing we actually have that many things to talk about??? I think you just get better at this thing the longer you do...it's a beautiful life here in Blogland. Thanks for beingmy friend!