Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you!
 I wish you joy this season as you find hope in the newness of spring, new birth or the joyousness of a Risen King. 

(photo courtesy of Graphics Fairy)

I am madly working on collages for next Saturday's show. Wendy and I have quite a bit to finish up and all of our kids are on Spring Break this week!! (Yikes) And we take Miss Lauren back to school...(fun, but yikes!) I am thinking I will post again by Monday, April 12.
Well, if I can stand being away from all of you.  Which, I probably can't, 'cause you are all so much fun and so much encouragement! Either way, lots of pictures forthcoming. 
Blessings to each one of you~


  1. Enjoy your time, Lynn, and hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Happy, Happy Easter Lynn to you & your family!!!!

    Love & Hugs,

  3. Happy Easter to you, too, little SoCal Chickie!

    Very cute chick pic, by the way!

    Oooo! I can't wait to see what you are working on.......

    Have great fun!!!

    I'll email soon......

  4. And there are some who are celebrating Passover, too, right? I actually wanted to comment on your lovely inclusive greeting. I am going to lead my retreat which has people from all walks so I am thinking along the lines of "respect for all."

    Love you, Lynn!

  5. Happy belated Easter to you, too, Lynn!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I miss reading all of my faves and am happy to be back!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  6. Missing you, my dear! Where are you? I hope you creating lots of beautiful art! I am in South Dakota getting ready for our retreat.

    Love you!

  7. Happy, happy bithday, dear Lynn!

    I will always be older :-)