Tuesday, April 13, 2010

San Juan Capistrano Art Fair

Hi Everyone!!!

Wow, I have MISSED all of you! Suz, are you at your retreat? Pam, did you make it to see your mom? Susie dear, did it snow yesterday? It hailed here!

So, grab a cup of tea or coffee and let's catch up!! 

Yeah. The whole house kinda looked like this by the time of the Art Fair!!! I have spent the last three days literally digging out. Between the girl's spring breaks and the show....
Well, we sure had some fun!

In between fun, Wendy and I worked and worked to get ready...
Domino central in her garage was in full swing and the results were great!

I came up with some bottles...

I found the seashells that I used during a bike ride around Coronado Island in San Diego. What a sweet day our family had!

Wendy did some amazing things with transparencies:

We were up and at 'em early Saturday, setting up by 8:30.

I really liked our table(s). It was so fun to set up, it was like putting our apartment together when Wendy and I were roommates!

It was cold and gloomy, but by the afternoon it was glorious! That sun came out and we wanted to just curl up and take a snooze...
But it was way fun to talk to all the people that came by!

The vendors were all over downtown. Some were down the block from us, some just across the train tracks. It was a little confusing for some people to find everyone, but I really liked where we were stationed.  It was right next to the train depot.

Of course, my favorite just around the corner:

I wonder what Father Junipero Serra would think of the area surrounding the mission now??
Hmmmm, coffee just across the street!

Well, I have to admit-it's late here and I'm beat, and there is more to tell you and more fun pictures to show you. Let's get together with a fresh cuppa joe tomorrow and I will finish up!!!
Lots of love,


  1. Ho! Ho! Miz Lynn! No fair leaving us hanging there....

    Now I won't be able to sleep because I will be wondering how the fair turned out!

    Everything looked wonderful!!!

    Can't wait to read tomorrow's installment.........

    And, no, I haven't made it to my Mom's yet...........

  2. Dear Lynn,

    Everything looks so beautiful! Love the necklaces and the bottles! I see both girls are equally as beautiful and talented as their Momma! I am also on pins an needles waiting to read and view the photos to come!

    Thank you for vising and commenting...I emailed you with the info!



  3. Lynn,
    I have returned! I am exhausted, still. it is kind of like putting on a wedding...well, a very small wedding.

    Your table and things look wonderful and I love that you and Wendy are roommates. Donna and I were roommates in college! Old friends are great!

    Love the picture of the three of you. You have to be the most photogenic family I have ever seen!

    Those must be your canvases, right? Do you do calligraphy, too? All of your things look so beautiful and so unique...great job. I, too, find the shows lots of fun (though exhausting!).


  4. So good to have you back! My God what beautiful work. Such creativity! Too bad you're far, I would of been your no.1 customer.

  5. Cool, your table looks awesome! And I love shows, to see peoples reactions to your work and to chat with them, I hope it went well. Looks like it was a great location too!

    Great pic of your and your girls also!

    yapping cat

  6. Lynn- looks like a great art fair...can't wait to hear more!

  7. wow, all that great art, outside, in sunshine, with trees with green leaves on them!!! fabulous! i've never seen anything like this! can you really count on it not raining for this event???? sounds like heaven. i love your work - and i really love that mermaid bottle! beautiful! just like your girls!

  8. I LOVE San Juan & the Barn has been one of my favorite antique stores forever. I haven't been there much lately though, since I moved up the mountain. Email me ok, I think we need to change your border color on your blog since you've changed your background.
    Hugs friend,