Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Always Be Able To Make Lemonade.

This week, the soldering has been put on hold as next Monday, my eldest daughter leaves for Italy until the end of May. I am mostly excited, as I have a trip planned to visit her in March and the things I know she will learn and experience are beyond anything I can imagine. But....
Sometimes I'm not so excited.
O.K. There. I admitted it.
Now. Instead of having a sob fest on this blog, I'll show you the fun things the girls and I are doing before Lauren takes off on her journey.

Monday was picture fun day. We had big plans to go all over town and take pictures in various settings. Unfortunately, we are having a heat wave and it was up to 85 degrees on Monday, and we were sweating after ten minutes and decided to forgo photography for some iced coffee and iced tea. Very bizarre.
 I know, I know. Boo hoo for us. I'm sure we have zero sympathy from those of you in the South and East coast are that buried in snow and ice. 

Here's our photos:

(Yes, I will share Benna's photos later...)

 Tell me I'll survive four months without this girl.

Miss Party could have stayed all day.

Man, I love these girls.

Have a great day in rain or shine!


  1. makes me tear up for you.
    Too sweet.
    You will get through it and love her even more once she is back in your arms, if that is possible.
    Enjoy each sunshiny day with laughs and love

  2. Yes, you will survive, because you trust her, because all these years you have done great work with her, and on top of all there's Skype!

    I will send you my phone number to pass it on to her. I'm only an hour and a half away from her.


  3. You'll survive. There, I told you. However, I totally get how you're feeling about her going. Study abroad is wonderful for them, but the distance across the ocean is just difficult for a mom. I know how I felt when mine did exchanges in Germany.

    Maybe she wil guest blog all about it! Wouldn't that be a great idea? She did a great job holding down the fort when you were in Hawaii, after all.

    I particularly love your pictures of the girls in this. The third one from the top is my favorite of all.

    Hugs from mom to mom.

  4. You're all so beautiful!
    You remind me of my mom the first time I went to Europe. Or when I moved out of the house. She tried to be very brave :-)

  5. Beautiful pics...and the running action shot of Dixie is DEFINITELY a Dasher shot!!! :-) Will have to show that one to the hubby later.

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  6. Aw, Lynn...this is such a sweet tender post...It IS hard to let them fly! I'm glad you will get to go and visit her! Imagine what it was like before all of this technology existed to keep in touch? Must have been SO hard...

  7. Ok, you are having a heat wave, AND going to Italy? Well, I am drinking some hot herbal tea as I read this, trying to get myself thawed out after my morning dog walking session. On our frozen, icy roads, I might add! So no sympathy here! (kidding!) How lucky your daughter is to be going to Italy for several months. I know you will miss her dearly, but that is just awesome that you will get to visit her! Hubby and I went to Italy 10 years ago and absolutely loved it! We still talk about that trip! I would love the hear where you plan on visiting there! Have a great day!

  8. Lauren is a beautiful girl and the thing I notice the most when I look at these pictures.....You are not the only one that is going to miss Lauren.....Brenna will be missing her as well. You will be smiling through the tears. We will pray all is well with Lauren's trip.

  9. Precious girls! How blessed we are to have children...
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Looks like such a fun day! And I for one will always choose sweating over freezing!! Ahhhh...life in sunny Florida! LOVE IT!!!

    OK, you're so sweet, and I know you'll miss her, but...ITALLLLYYY...REALLLLY???? My dream trip!! March will be here before you know it and you will have an absolute blast!! Memories for a lifetime!!! Any extra large suitcase I could fit into?? Think you could get me past homeland security?? HA!!!

    Know that I will be praying for your girl, and for you, Lynn!

    Love and hugs,

  11. Sweet Friend...
    I know you'll miss your baby girl, but all I keep thinkin is, 'Couldn't she throw me in her suitcase & take me TOO?'
    You see, I ADORE Florence & going back would be a dream come true, as I know it will be for her.
    Being a Mommy is such a hard job in soooo many ways, but one of the hardest ways is being a Mommy who's 'letting go'!
    When you have raised a child who is brave enough to go off into the world on a new adventure...you know you've done a good job!
    You've done SUCH a GOOD JOB, with both your girls!
    Love you sweetie & think of March.

  12. Hi Lynn,

    You have two beautiful girls and its clear to me that they get it from their momma. If you can't shed a tear for missing the love of your life I don't know what would be worthy. So go ahead and cry when you feel like it; then smile and know that you created such an inquisitive, adventurous, loving creature.


  13. I have a hard enough time dropping my oldest off at school 5 minutes from our house! This was a beautiful post Lynn and you have beautiful girls. Did you know my youngest is named Lauren? :-)

  14. Oh, the thrill of seeing someone in shorts..........

    Iced coffee????

    How about an iced tree.

    {no, that is not a typo}

    I'm so glad you and the girls had a great day out, even though it was "too hot".

    And you get to go over for a visit, you lucky girl!!!

  15. Looks like you all had a fun day. Makes me miss my little girl too.

  16. Oh, Lynn,
    This is hard. I know Lauren will have wonderful adventures and will grow up so much while doing this. Your visit will be fabulous, I am sure, and she will be able to shown you what she has seen and learned.

    Have a few sobs and you will feel better. It really does better.

    Thank you for being such a good friend to me. I am so grateful for your acceptance.


  17. This is hard but what a trip. Would love to be going maybe go again. Laura

  18. what!? She's leaving MONDAY?? I thought she didn't leave unitl next Friday! OMG...this is IT! Oh my..........Well, March will be here fast enough and before you know it, she'll be home again, even more grown up than before. But it's not like having her in the same state. Brave Bear.