Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sharing Our Words

Oh, my friends.
 Your comments from the last post have truly touched me.
So many, many words were shared!!! 
Here they are:

go  authentic (autentico)
renewal  shine  inspiring  focus 
patience    inquiry   compassion 
playfulness invest trust  wanting

They are beautiful, beautiful words. And the best part is that I have gotten to know most  of you that shared these words, so they mean a LOT. I understand a little of the background in these words and it gives them life.

You have given me some clear inspiration...I am (intentionally) declaring January as soldering month in my art room and I would like to use, with your permission, these words in my soldering.

With that said, I would love to give away this pendant, in hopes that it gives you meaning to stick to YOUR word, that YOUR word comes to life in every way possible this year!!

I feel like there should at least be confetti raining down!
Leave a comment and by 
Monday,January 17,
Brenna and I will pick a name from the old cowboy hat and the winner will be announced.
2011 is off to a great start!


  1. ooooo...I get to be the first in the hat!! It's such a beautiful pendant, Lynn. I hope that I win! You are generous and wonderful

  2. I love it Lynn! You are off and running this year!

  3. Wow, I love this pendant. It was my favorite among the those pictured in your previous post. Your soldering is really beautiful.

    I think I'm comment number 3 and sure hope 3 is my lucky number.


  4. Wow, I love this pendant. It was my favorite among the those pictured in your previous post. Your soldering is really beautiful.

    I think I'm comment number 3 and sure hope 3 is my lucky number.


  5. OOps! Number 3 & 4; does that mean I get two chances to win? LOL!

    Oh wait, this will be 3, 4 & 5. Yes, three chances to win! Oh...no, just one chance. Oh well, I guess that's only fair.


  6. Sounds like your year will be a wonderful one, Lynn! Intention and purpose are both words of mine!! Such great words, and such great aspirations and inspirations! Here's to a great year and all that it holds!!

    Awesome necklace, too gal! Can't wait to see all your soldered creations!!

    Love ya!

  7. What a great idea! You have such a knack for inspiration. I think that all the time when I come here.

    Of course, "GO" is kind of lame for a pendant, isn't it? Can you imagine walking around with "GO" around your neck? LOL

  8. Mine is "hope" and puspose and intention really cover so much. I love that quote, too, Lynn. I know I said it before but I am amazed at your soldering! It is beautiful!

    Love you, dear heart!

  9. OH I love this, Lynn...thanks so much for offering it!

  10. Boy, with all that talk about helmets yesterday, I forgot to tell you what my word for 2011 is!

    I posted about it last Tuesday---My word is "settled".

    I bet you get that one, huh?

    So, sign me up for the contest! I would LOVE to win your pendant!

    Let the confetti shower begin!!!!

  11. Hi Lynn,
    I have been meaning to come by and introduce myself.
    Thank you for joining me on my journey through life and it makes me so happy that you found me thru Susan.
    She is a sweetie!
    I have been so busy this week that I am just catching up on lots of things.
    I just read the post you left me the link to and, oh boy can I relate!!
    I vow to change this year.
    Too many lost hours and frustration fighting with myself over misplaced items.
    I look forward to reading back and getting to know you.

  12. Your Pendant is absolutly beautiful.. Who ever wins it will be one lucky gal! I hope you had a wonderful weekend..

    Hugs, Linda

  13. Linda I dropped by to say hello and thank you for not only visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment but following it. I truly appreciate it.
    I LOVE the pendant - no I'm not 'sucking up' to win. (I also adore the one below with 'Inspiration' written on it.)I just think it is fabulous and it was only as I looked down I realised you were giving it to one of your followers. I'm sure they will be ecstatic to receive it. Anyway your blog is gorgeous - I felt a sense of serenity when I arrived here. Probably the lovely background. I am of course your latest admirer/follower.
    Warm wishes

  14. Very nice! Creative people like you get me every time!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and not declaring me insane from my Mrs. Goodwill 2010. I am hoping
    to continue the reign through 2011!

    Happy Monday to you!


  15. what great words! and we can all benefit from them.
    your soldering is beautiful and compliments the phrases you've chosen perfectly.
    i think the idea of dedicating a month to one media is a great - what better way to keep my floaty art-brain FOCUSED!!! now to choose the one media....

  16. These are really nice words to reflect on. But I don't see "fish" or "ferocious" on your list....hmmmm, I guess that's because I didn't share my word in time. Surely, that's the reason because of course "fish" and "ferocious" are good words, right?

    However, all that meowed, "purpose" is also a very good word and it would indeed remind me of my words.....at the very least it would be beautiful with my tutu, don't you think? yeah, me too!

    So purrlease enter me in your drawing - thank mew!



  17. You have an amazing gift and I would love to call this my own! so beautiful.

  18. Hi Lynn, great to meet you. See you in the Heart Swap! Take care, Riki - Love the idea of using those words, may I borrow them too?

  19. I love this pendant! You will be busy creating pendants from all the inspirational words. Believe is my personal favorite.

  20. Such a COOOOL idea friend! Please enter me in your generous giveaway...my word is BRAVE! I will continue to be brave in all things I do, it's given me some unimaginable gifts!

  21. I just became a follower! Your pendant is me this year. I need to remind myself that life is full of beginnings & I must be my true self to be what my true self yearns for!! I hope I get this necklace to daily remind myself of that...at least that would be a nice reminder!

  22. Love the quote on the back of your pendant. It reminds me of why I need to 'change' and to find the 'purpose' in the process.

    I'm a new follower and will be encouraging you to find your heart's desires this year!

  23. Words can indeed hold so much power and meaning. The pendant is wonderful. I second the motion to declare Jan. as soldering month. Soldered art is such a beautiful form.

  24. Lynn, this is an absolutely gorgeous pendant! You are so talented. I hope all is well. Please put my name in that cowboy hat. I'm off to checkout your previous post. Take care!

  25. Oh my gosh, Lynn, this is beyond gorgeous! Wow!! I would love to enter your giveaway and thank you for the opportunity to try to win this beautiful creation.