Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Lemonade

Since it was so lovely, Brenna played hooky from school and we took off for the beach.
The plan was to meet up with some friends of Lauren's and have breakfast.  Then Brenna and I would enjoy the beach and Lauren would meet us later after hanging out with her friends.

We gave it our best shot, but who knew it would be cold and cloudy and windy?

Miss Party didn't care.

Unfortunately, the beach patrol didn't look favorably at dogs running with wild abandon all over the beach. Mr. Beach Patrol was quite nice about it, and when he came up to us, he said, "I didn't just see this dog running all over the beach now, did I?" Being the person I am, I said, "NO SIR!" and grabbed the leash and threw it around her neck. He smiled and walked away.

Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.

We went back to sand castles and freezing in the wind. Well, being cold in the wind.

As Debbie so eloquently puts it, (do go check out her blog) look for the blue sky amidst the grey.
So we did.

I think we found the blue, as well as lemonade...

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  1. Great pictures Lynn. Looks like you ended up with a great day even with the cooler weather. And we can't even bring dogs on our beaches, even on a leash.

  2. What fun, too bad the beautiful weather didn't hold out...but look at the smiles, even the dog is smiling.
    Is that Laguna?
    I miss Laguna, it always was so gray until 12 when I lived there. I would always over sleep thinking it was still early morning LOL
    Looks like you are making the best of everyday with your girls!
    Take care

  3. Wish it could have been a bit warmer for you! The dog pics are a hoot. Beach pics came out great.

  4. I would take a cold day at the beach any day! I Love the beach.
    You photos look great. Miss Party looks like she was having a blast!
    Hope you have great weekend my friend.. Hugs, Linda

  5. we are a good 50 degrees cooler (that would be colder heehee) here in VA....brrrr...what a fun thing to be able to go to beach...the piano on the sidewalk says it all!

    glad you girls had fun!
    Happy Weekend too!

  6. You know what they say here in Michigan..."Cold hands but a warm heart." It looks like your hearts were warm and even Miss Party has a smile on her face.

    Love your pictures!


  7. Sounds like you ended up having a good day after all! Even your pup looks like she's smiling! They don't allow dogs on the beaches of the Great Lakes here in Michigan, though we have been known to smuggle ours on for a nice walk! (shhhhhh!!)

  8. Lovely photos, Lynn...and the one of Miss Party running on the beach looks like pure joy...

  9. Haha! I love all the pictures, but I think you know which ones I REALLY love ;-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  10. beach patrol???? what the heck is that??? honest, you can't let your dog run like a nut into the surf??? i insist you bring that pooch up here on vacation, to join duffy on our daily morning beachcombing and dog surfing ritual. do not let mr. beach patrol come, he would probably burst a vessel from the amount of dogs running free on our beaches....
    also, here's a missing your daughter tip. i still do it every once in a while, even though thea has been gone pretty much for 4 years: i go into her old room and turn on her blow dryer for a few minutes. in no time flat the house has that teenage girl hot hair appliance smell, and it's like she's really here for a brief time...it's hard to have them not here with us, but what an opportunity for her! and you get to visit!

  11. And a great time was had by all...

    LOVE the piano!

  12. I love it!!

    OK, I don't love that the day was dreary and cold. You know that...
    But I love the hunt for the blue. I couldn't possibly love that picture of the piano any more either. The girls' smiles just lit up the second half of this blog post. What a great job.

    I'm going on a blue hunt... Yep.

  13. Hi Lynn! What a treasured memory you will always have of that day...even if it was blustery. That last picture was so cool and unexpected! Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week!