Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trying Something New...

I am intentionally waiting for more solder.

It's coming on Tuesday. 

In the mean time, I some how entered a "Heart From The Heart Swap".
You should go over to my friend, Debbie, and visit her wonderful blog, 
Some of the hearts have started coming in. 
I'm beginning to sweat bullets.
Here are my sewing skills:
1) Eighth grade, Home Ec. I think I made a blouse. I know I cheated on the test for naming the parts of the sewing machine.
2) Some embroidery when I was a kid.
3) Sewing stuff on a paper lunch bag for Christmas this year.
Not bad...
HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!
Thank the Good Lord that Debbie put a TUTORIAL up for us.
Here is my first attempt.

Wow. I even used pins.
(I un-earthed these from a sewing basket that Lauren had in Junior High, when she too, thought about needlework.)

Thank goodness this is the wrong side of the fabric. 
Thank goodness a sweet friend GAVE ME her sewing machine. 
Thank goodness I remembered something from cheating on that test back in Junior High, and I can thread the bobbin to the needle. Kinda. Well, after several tries and stabbing myself with the needle. Who knew those were so stinking sharp?
I can do some of the fun stitches on the machine, but I can't figure out how I know where I am on the stitches. So I just make sure I count up and back from straight to my favorite stitch. 
How many of you are on the floor right now?

I am merrily reading Debbie's tutorial, thinking, "this is great. I learn so much better by seeing than just reading instructions. I can SO do this."

What I can really do is improvise.
This is my interpretation of a seam ripper. It's supposed to be a tool to make holes in paper to put brads through. It lifts stitches out pretty well.

What  I really, really can do is NOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

Let's backtrack for a minute, here.
I put the cool little decoration on the back of the heart. Check.

I pretended it wasn't really material I was working with, but rather a paper lunch sack, and added the decoration to the front using a napkin and some wax paper.

Then we come to this:

Really. I thought the directions said to put both right sides together and sew. Well, that didn't make sense when I
a) sewed the whole thing shut and realized I couldn't stuff the heart. 
b) when I had to right- side it out
c) when I didn't have an edge to fray.

This is what happens to your front decoration when you smoosh it  and pull it to right-side it out and you use wax paper....

The best part is knowing I am learning that practice is good. I have always thought that the first time out has to be the finished product. The more I do, the more I learn this is not true.
So I tell myself, "I think I can, I think I can." and live for the day that the solder comes in.
Have you tried anything new this year??


  1. Okay, now you should know...I'm laughing WITH you not AT you. I love that you are trying something outside your comfort zone...you are a true inspiration. And PLEASE don't blame me for getting you into this!


  2. Lynn,
    Here you go again! You are doing something new and soon you will be an expert at sewing! I just about had a heart attack making square sachets for Silver Bella! No one we are staying with does crafts in the house and all I can do is cut things out for my journal. I am becoming an expert at cutting.

  3. ...this time next week your blog post will be about the king size quilt you just finished...
    you're that amazing :) keep going!
    (iron the crumpled waxed paper on a low setting, it should clear up)

  4. Oh don't feel bad at all, I sew everyday and still do this. LOL!
    The more your mind thinks about something the more nervous and mixed up the mind gets.
    Practice a little every week and boom it will all be so easy.
    Thanks for sharing, especially the mistakes, it just reminds us all nobody is perfect.
    Take care

  5. Yep, you did it again. You made me smile. Thats why I love to come visit you. How cool that you are trying something new.. I have not tried anything new this year yet.. But you are inspiring me.. Who knows what I might do... I hope you have a happy week my friend!

    Hugs, Linda

  6. Okay, you lost me at counting back the stitches! And the wax paper. The little tag looks really good :) Thanks for the laugh. Keep practicing!

  7. I think it's wonderful you are trying something new...I would be clueless...

  8. This is wonderful Lynn, love what you did! Can't wait to see the finished product. I have the same qualifications as you in sewing! But we are doing it! Ha! Great job. Riki

  9. Have I tried anything new this year?


    I am living vicariously through you.

  10. Cannot wait to see the finished product Lynn!

  11. You are doing it! You just have to tweek a few of the steps! I had a laugh for any of that sew have done the same things you are doing. Hey, I bet the first time you soldered you had a few bubbles and bumps! Thinking of you today...be glad for this distraction!
    I am glad you are still calling me friend!

  12. OK, I just laughed so hard that I started coughing. At my age, coughing can be dangerous, you know.

    'Nuff said about that.

    I have less sewing skill than you do, but I can't improvise NEARLY so creatively. You crack me up.
    I do have not one but two seam rippers. The seam ripper, you see, is the MOST important tool in my sewing kit.

    Have I tried something new? Hm. Nope. And now, you have inspired me. What to try? What to try?